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New crowdfunding law in Austria

“In particular start-ups and SMEs will be provided with starting assistance until the engine is up and running”, Mitterlehner adds. “Another advantage is that young entrepreneurs already receive feedback on their product ideas directly from the market, and that at a very early phase”. Crowdinvesting means that investors become partial owners of the company. Crowdfunding means there are only consumers who purchase a product in advance before it is available in stores.

Well-known crowdinvesting platforms include, and Among all the crowdfunding platforms, Kickstarter and Indiegogo rate among the most well-known in the world. A few months ago was launched in Austria.


  • In the future, the obligation to publish a complete capital market prospectus will first apply starting with an issue volume of EUR 5 million. At present this limit is EUR 250,000.
  • The requirement to put together a prospectus for issue volumes between EUR 250,000 and EUR 5 million has also been changed. In the future, only a simplified prospectus (prospectus requirement light) is required for an issue volume of between EUR 1.5 million and EUR 5 million.
  • One investor can invest up to EUR 5,000 per project.
  • This EUR 5,000 limit can be surpassed if the investor earns a net salary of more than EURE 2,500 per month. In this case, the investor is allowed to invest double his net monthly earnings.
  • One option is for investors to invest ten percent of his or her financial assets if this amount exceeds EUR 5,000.
  • Similar to the Consumer Protection Law, investors have the right to withdraw within two weeks.
  • Issuers may not raise more than EUR 5 million in capital over a seven year period, less the amounts already paid back to investors. If this threshold is exceeded, the company is required to issue a capital market prospectus.
  • The investment is made with the issuing SME or via crowdfunding platforms. 
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