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SAP Innovation Award 2022 granted to a software for energy communities

Accelerate the local energy transition with energy communities
Energy communities have been on the advance since last year thanks to the new Renewable Energy Expansion Act (REEA). Today more than 200 energy communities are already officially registered and several hundred are on the waiting list. Municipalities, companies and households join forces locally and create energy communities. Electricity is generated locally so that it does not need to be stored, distributed to neighbouring buyers in real time and consumed. In this way buyers can save up to € 200 annually thanks to generous incentives enabled by the REEA. Following the EU's lead, citizens are motivated to make a contribution to the energy transition and make Austria less dependent on energy imports.

Intelligent software for the management of energy communities
A software is typically used in order to minimise the amount of administrative work needed in managing energy communities. Participants receive an App, energy flows are calculated, and invoices are created. For this purpose, there is a software-as-a-service offering on the part of the Swiss software producer Exnaton which also enables relevant processes to be integrated into an SAP environment. Together with its partners, namely best practice consulting and Energie Burgenland, the software has now been granted this year's Innovation Award 2022.

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SAP Innovation Award 2022 granted to a software for energy communities

Each year SAP honours innovative software solutions through its renowned SAP Innovation Award. This year’s winners from the energy sector not only include the major players such as Netze BW GmbH, Avangrid, Engie and Bbox, but also a consortium in the DACH region which is pressing ahead with the energy transition on the basis of energy communities. It consists of the Swiss software producer Exnaton, the German SAP integrator best practice consulting and the Austrian utility Energie Burgenland.

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