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Educational System in Austria

The Austrian education system combined with dual training in theory & practice in all areas makes Austria a role model ➜ Get all details now.

Austria’s vocational training is tops

The dual educational system in Austria once again served as the basis for the country’s top-notch ranking in the "Young Workers Index 2017" of PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC).


The global network of Start Alliance facilitates the international networking of start-ups and opens up access to important world markets.

Austrian Government makes the business location a top priority

It will shape the underlying business conditions to make them even more attractive for companies operating here

American companies give good marks to Austria as a business location

Austria has been given the best grades since the survey was launched.

Vienna ranked 4th in the global startup ranking

The Austrian capital city is rated fourth by the “Global Talent Competitiveness Index” and is in the front ranks of appealing to startup talents.

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