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Autonomous Driving: Pole Position for Austria

In which direction is this transformation taking the automotive sector? How is our understanding of mobility changing?

Europe‘s first fully-equipped electrically-driven fire-fighting vehicle

The public company Linz AG has developed it together with the fire brigade supplier Rosenbauer International and the high-performance e-battery producer Kreisel Electric.

The quiet automobile (r)evolution “Made in Austria”

Austria is not only an important production location but also a significant driver of innovation in the sector when it comes to research and development.

BMW has its Roadster Z4 built by Magna in Graz

BMW is once again strengthening its cooperation with the Graz site of Magna Steyr, the Austrian subsidiary of the Canadian component supplier.

Self-Driving Cars: Travelling Towards the Law

Human error, the number one cause of road traffic accidents, could be made a thing of the past in one fell swoop if manual driving was banned immediately. Is that right?

The BMW Z4 is coming off the Magna Steyr assembly lines

The Z4 engines are produced in Steyr in Upper Austria.

Innovative strength of automobile component suppliers in Austria

Thanks to artificial intelligence and electromobility, the automotive component supplier industry in Austria has turned into one of the most important sources of impetus for the business location.

Luxury automobile brand Hispano Suiza: Development in Austria

The Spanish luxury automobile brand Hispano Suiza is coming into play again and will be officially introduced in the spring of 2019. The noble vehicle is being developed in Austria.

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