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AFFiRiS AG » Vienna

The biotech company AFFiRiS was founded in Vienna in 2003 by Dr. Walter Schmidt and Dr. Frank Mattner ➜ Further information about the success story.

Bionorica Research

Bionorica Research is Germany’s leading producer of herbal medicinal products ➜ Details about cooperations with Universities in Innsbruck & Co.

Life Sciences Research in Austria

Innovative research institutions in Austria focusing on the field of life sciences ➜ More information on biotech research & development in Austria!

Life sciences in Austria

Numerous companies in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals & medical engineering generate an obvious amount of the Austrian GDP ➜ Details.

Boehringer Ingelheim strongly expands its operations in Vienna

The announced investments of EUR 500 million and the expected creation of 400 new jobs could be exceeded

Boehringer Ingelheim cooperates with Tyrolean biotech firm ViraTherapeutics

A long-term cooperation agreement has been signed with the Austrian biotech company ViraTherapeutics to develop virus therapies to treat cancer.

Miracor: Successful round of financing

The latest round of financing was led by Peppermint VenturePartners (Peppermint), which invested a total of EUR 7 million via its Peppermint CBF-1 fund (Berlin, Germany) together with existing …

Innovative rehabilitation after strokes and communication with coma patients

Thanks to its opening of the Center for Neurotechnology, the Upper Austrian company g.tec has established a competence center for stroke rehabilitation. It combines therapy, research and training …

Upper Austrian startup GENSPEED® Biotech develops a rapid test system for hospital bacteria and periodontal pathogens

GENSPEED® can be used for both nucleic acid-based, i.e. genetic tests, as well as for protein-based tests.

New IMP building: International research center opens in Vienna

Boehringer Ingelheim has constructed a new flagship for the “Vienna Biocenter”.

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