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Austria's Regions as Business Locations

Austria’s federal states have a lot to offer to international investors ➜ An overview of the most important information about the individual states!

Business Location Carinthia

The Federal State of Carinthia offers an innovative business environment for companies ➜ Key facts & figures about the business location Carinthia.

Carinthia further expands microelectronics research center in Villach

Carinthian Tech Research (CTR) is investing EUR 4.5 million in a clean room for conducting research in the fields of microsensors and system integration.

OGK Zäune launches production in Carinthia

The Slovenian fence manufacturer OGK Zäune invested EUR 1.5 million to build a production hall including an adjacent warehouse, sales and display space.

Cross-border cooperation agreements

Seven research facilities in Slovenia and Austria are linking their research in the field of material science.

Chip producer Infineon: Millions for semiconductor competence center

In the semiconductor plant of Infineon Technologies Austria, energy-saving chip production based on the promising silicon carbide technology is being expanded.

THI receives award for innovative medical product

THI Total Healthcare specializes in researching, developing and producing innovative medical products.

Carinthia: An El Dorado for Researchers and Developers in the South of Austria

The southernmost federal province of Austria is not only a convincing location due to its fantastic natural landscape but also due to its first-class technological competence.

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