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Infrastructure for Your Business in Austria

Austria features an excellent network of transport system and transshipment hubs where
intermodal terminals link roads, railways and waterways

Austria » Logistics Market in Detail

Austria's central location in the heart of Europe makes it a perfect location for logistics and distribution centers ➜ Get more details now.

Austria’s central location provides advantages

Austria’s central geographical location provides countless competitive advantages for companies. Find out more about the benefits of the business location!

Headquarter in Austria: All benefits

Austria`s location in Central Europe is the best to serve all markets - In Western and Eastern Europe ➜ Find all the benefits about your headquarter in Austria!

dm exports Austrian apprenticeship training to CEE countries

Recently, pilot training began in Salzburg and Vienna, in which 80 employees will catch up and go through apprenticeship training to become a druggist.

LUKOIL Lubricants: New premium motor oil for Mercedes Benz

Product innovations are at the top of the agenda at LUKOIL Lubricants

8th Grow East Congress

“CEE Reloaded: Lessons learned from nearly 30 years of transition”

Rewe bundles CEE business in Austria

The operations of about 4,000 outlets in ten countries will now be coordinated form Wiener Neudorf (close to the city limits of Vienna). Total revenue will thus rise to approximately EUR 16 billion.

Foreign companies as a driving force for Austria

Foreign companies as a driving force for Austria

Alantra selects Vienna as its CEE headquarters

The globally operating, publicly listed investment bank strengthened its presence in the DACH region and CEE by opening an investment banking office

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