'dual education'

Specialized employees in Austria

Austria boasts qualified specialized staff for companies thanks to the high level & flexibility of its educational system ➜ Check out all details.

Educational System in Austria

The Austrian education system combined with dual training in theory & practice in all areas makes Austria a role model ➜ Get all details now.

Austrian tourism know-how for China and Dubai

Modul University Vienna is opening two new overseas campuses in China and Dubai.

Austria holds a top position in the “World Talent Ranking”

In the IMD World Talent Ranking 2017, Austria is given a top rating, placing fourth in the world, and is even ranked an outstanding third in the area of Investment & Development.

Austrian Government makes the business location a top priority

It will shape the underlying business conditions to make them even more attractive for companies operating here

Top Investment Location Europe and Austria’s Central Role

Western Europe is still considered the most attractive location for investments anywhere in the world, even ahead of China. And its attractiveness is increasing. Europe’s land area is comparably …

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