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GREENoneTEC » Austrian Success Story

Product innovations have turned GREENoneTEC into a European market leader for solar collectors ➜ Inform yourself about its success story in Austria!

Renewable energies in Austria

Renewable energies are of major importance in Austria ➜ More about this dynamic environment, promotional and funding measures & types of energy!

Environmental clusters in Austria

Regional environmental business clusters are of great importance in Austria ➜ Here you can get key information about partnerships in this sector!

Environmental Research in Austria » Companies

Excellent research institutions are strong partners to the eco-industry in Austria ➜ Get details about the sector and its research companies now.

Environmental Technologies in Austria

The environmental technology sector in Austria is extremely diversified. Modern innovations Made in Austria are in demand internationally ➜ Details.

Environmental engineering companies

Successful environmental technology companies from Austria & sustainable demand across the globe for innovations Made in Austria ➜ More information.

McDonald’s wraps its hamburgers in innovative paper from Austria

Family-owned company has become the exclusive supplier of hamburger wrapping for McDonalds throughout Europe.

Vienna has the best quality of life in Europe

The Economist Intelligence Unit gives Vienna a superb second place ranking worldwide

Leitner expands plant in Tyrol

The South Tyrolean cable railway company Leitner hopes to grow with its Tyrolean facility, and hire up to 100 new employees.

Austrian know-how for the global energy transition

The world’s largest research initiative on the issue of plastics innovations for solar technology, “SolPol”, aims to show how this can be achieved

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