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Renewable energies in Austria

Renewable energies are of major importance in Austria. Here you can find out more about this dynamic environment, promotional and funding measures and types of energy!

Business promotion in Austria

Austria offers a broad-based funding and business promotion program for foreign investors. Here you can find out more about business promotion in Austria!

Service in Austria – What we can do for you

The team of ABA – Invest in Austria offers international investors tailor-made information, support and consulting services in the following areas:

Successful startups in Austria

Startups with spectacular exits serve as beacons of inspiration.

Startup location Austria: Facts and figures

The number of newly established companies in Austria more than doubled within twenty years.

Startup funding in Austria

Austria offers a comprehensive system of public funding.

15 highly endowed EU research grants for young Austrian researchers

The European Research Council (ERC) is distributing a total of EUR 485 million in funding.

ESA business incubator center for outer space technology

A new Business Incubation Center (BIC) set up by the European Space Agency ESA in Graz will support young entrepreneurs over the next five years who are working in the field of space technology.

Graz-based startup develops world’s smallest defibrillator

In spite of suitable first aid measures such as heart massage and artificial respiration, the successful rescue of the people affected frequently fails to the lack of defibrillators

EUR 100 million startup funding launched

Ancillary wage costs for the first three employees will be subsidized to the amount of EUR 100 million starting with the beginning of 2017.

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