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Success stories - Companies in Austria

Austria is the ideal location for innovation-oriented companies. Here you can read about some of the corporate success stories in Austria!

Infrastructure for Your Business in Austria

Austria features an excellent network of transport system and transshipment hubs where
intermodal terminals link roads, railways and waterways

Logistics Hub Austria

Austria's central location in the heart of Europe makes it a perfect location for logistics and distribution centers.

Infrastructure in Austria

As the geographical center of Europe, Austria is a popular business location. The good infrastructure here is an advantage for companies.

Austria’s central location provides advantages

Austria’s central geographical location provides countless competitive advantages for companies. Find out more about the benefits of the business location!

About Us

ABA – Invest in Austria, the national investment promotion company, is the first point of contact for foreign companies aiming to establish their own business in Austria. We are owned and operated …

Headquarters in Austria

More than 300 regional headquarters of prominent multinational companies coordinate transnational business operations from Austria.

Mistakes to avoid when locating in Austria

Experts from ABA-Invest in Austria share their know how in weekly tipps for a successful expansion to Austria

Weekly Tip 2 #Location Austria: Mistakes to avoid when locating in Austria

The crucial factors for a good market overview when locating in Austria: market size and potential, market trends, competition analysis

Negotiating salaries in Austria: Preferably on an annual basis

If you intend to hire employees for your Austrian subsidiary, it is recommended in any case to negotiate salaries with them on an annual basis.

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