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Bionorica Research

Bionorica Research is Germany’s leading producer of herbal medicinal products ➜ Details about cooperations with Universities in Innsbruck & Co.

Bosch Austria » R&D Success story

Robert Bosch AG operates key development competence centers in Austria in the field of automotive engineering ➜ More about the company’s success!

Infineon Austria - Success story

Infineon Technologies Austria is one of the most research-intensive companies in Austria ➜ Find out more here about the company’s success story!

Research institutes in Austria

Companies profit from highly-qualified and renowned scientiftic research institutions in Austria ➜ More details about these research institutes.

Automotive Research in Austria

Renowned research institutes upgrade the mobility of tomorrow thanks to automotive innovations made in Austria ➜ Automotive research & development.

Chemical Research in Austria

Austrian research facilities at a glance: Montan University Leoben, The Polymer Competence Center Leoben & TGM ➜ Discover interesting details now.

ICT research and development in Austria

Partnerships between research institutions & the business community ensure corporate success ➜ Information & Communication Technology research.

Mechanical engineering research in Austria

Austria boasts innovative research facilities and practical training in the field of mechanical engineering ➜ Find out more about details about it!

Digitalization in Austria

Production with modern information and communication technologies ➜ Find out more about the digitalization in Austria!

Environmental Research in Austria » Companies

Excellent research institutions are strong partners to the eco-industry in Austria ➜ Get details about the sector and its research companies now.

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