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Bionorica Research

Bionorica Research is Germany’s leading producer of herbal medicinal products. Find out more here about this success story in Austria!

Bosch R&D - Success story

Robert Bosch AG operates key development competence centers in Austria in the field of automotive engineering. Learn more about the company’s success!

Infineon Austria - Success story

Infineon is one of the most research-intensive companies in Austria. Find out more here about the company’s success story! R&D comprising 23 percent of total revenue.

Research institutes in Austria

Companies profit from highly-qualified and renowned research institutes in Austria. Learn more about these research institutions!

Research in Austria

Renowned research institutes upgrade the mobility of tomorrow thanks to automotive innovations Made in Austria. We would like to tell you about this!

Chemical Research in Austria

Chemical Research in Austria chemical industry austria,plastics industry austria,research and development austria,research institutes austria Chemical Research in Austria 1 02 Chemical Research in …

ICT research and development in Austria

Partnerships between research institutions and the business community ensure corporate success. Here you can learn more about ICT research! ilities comprise Austria’s success model.

Mechanical engineering research in Austria

Austria boasts innovative research facilities and practical training in the field of mechanical engineering. Here you can find out more about this!

Established Strengths, Top-Notch Infrastructure

The mechatronics branch – a fusion of machine construction, electronics and information technology – is a pulsating high-growth sector.

Environmental research in Austria

Environmental research is of great importance in Austria. Excellent research institutions are strong partners to the eco-industry. Find out more now!

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