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New program links basic researchers with companies

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the Christian Doppler Research Association (CDG) launched a new program entitled "Partnership in Research" last year.

3D printer produces individually tailored magnet fields

The production of permanent magnets, for example for magnet sensors whose magnetic fields have to feature specific pre-determined shapes, has been considered to be a highly complex matter up until …

New quantum states for improved quantum memories

How can quantum information be stored as long as possible? An important step forward in the development of quantum memories has been achieved by a research team of TU Wien.

Lasers from Linz for the Internet technology of tomorrow

Bonanni and her team have managed to produce diodes on the basis of a gallium nitride crystal which also generates infrared light.

Supercapacitors: Battery researchers increase storage density

The success prospects for future e-mobility solutions go hand in hand with the growing demands placed on electricity storage devices.

How to inflate a concrete shell weighing 80 tons

The Vienna University of Technology has developed a potentially cost-effective and resource-efficient alternative with a construction method it calls the "Pneumatic Forming of Hardened Concrete …

International Semantic Web Conference to be held in Vienna

The International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) is the premier international forum where Semantic Web / Linked Data researchers, practitioners and industry specialists come together

Quantum communication: how to outwit noise

How can one reliably transfer quantum information when the connecting channels are impacted by detrimental noise?

Planet motor: Vienna University of Technology presents innovative electric drive system

This globally unique motor was presented for the first time by the Vienna University of Technology at the trade fair in Hannover (Hannover Messe).

Biochips for wound healing

Complex biology and chip technology have been combined at the Vienna University of Technology. This enables customized, personalized medicine on the smallest spaces.

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