How tourism is promoted in Austria

Austria attaches considerable importance to tourism, and the government provides support to the tourism industry on the basis of numerous funding programs, especially via the Austrian Tourism Bank (Österreichische Hotel- und Tourismusbank - ÖHT).

Furthermore, non-business projects which are of particular importance to tourism are also promoted within the context of EU projects and grants supplied by the ERP Fund. The federal provinces also offer project-related assistance via interregional initiatives and tourism support through their own funding channels.

Austrian Tourism Bank (ÖHT)

Österreichische Hotel- und Tourismusbank (ÖHT), the Austrian Tourism Bank, is a specialized financial institution focusing on the financing and promotion of investments in the field of tourism. As a rule the investment promotion activities are designed to finance projects up to the maximum amount of EUR 2 million. The service portfolio also encompasses support for company startups, partnerships and restructuring of financing for companies in the tourism sector. In 2015, the bank approved 515 projects with the cash value of funding equaling EUR 9.3 million, supporting a total investment volume of about EUR 406 million. 

Also refer to the ÖHT-Tätigkeitsbericht 2016 (Austrian Tourism Bank – Activity Report 2016).

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