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Opernring 3
1010 Vienna
Tel.: +43-1-588 58-0
DVR-Nr. [No. EED] 0653357
FBG [Tribunale competente in materia di registro delle imprese]: Vienna
FN [No. Reg. imprese] 93311Y
UID [Part. IVA]: ATU 16168803

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L'ottima preparazione professionale e l'elevato grado di motivazione dei lavoratori austriaci sono noti e apprezzati in tutto il mondo.

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Central European University launches EMBA for the Open World

With the opening of its Vienna campus, CEU is launching a thoroughly redesigned Executive MBA.

The Automobile Industry in Transition: Designed in Austria, Produced in China

Not a day goes by without reports being published on things happening in the automobile industry - positive as well as negative. The unfavourable stories usually focus on the issues of greenhouse gas emissions and the lack of environmental compatibility. The positive coverage mainly deals with activities and announcements about electric cars. The level of attention should not be surprising. The bottom line is that most of us use our own vehicles on a daily basis, and the global market is huge, consisting of 80 million new automobiles.

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