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In Austria abbiamo la fortuna di poter accedere a preziosi incentivi per la ricerca e centri di consulenza. Siamo molto orgogliosi di essere in Austria perché è un luogo ideale per la ricerca.

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Novità dall'Austria

A smartphone keyboard for the blind

A special mobile phone keyboard developed by the Vienna University of Technology enables blind people to type in texts on their smartphones.

Austria: Pacesetter for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Intelligent production, cyber-physical production systems and more are only just a few of the many facets of the industrial future. The notorious reality of assembly line work in production is a relic of the past. Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are characterised by a high level of automation and a continuous exchange of data. Large mechanical engineering companies and automobile manufacturers are already relying on highly interconnected production lines with industrial robots and smart control systems along the entire value chain. Austrian companies and research institutions are intensively working on developing such concepts and ultimately making them suitable for broad-based use on the part of small and medium-sized firms.

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