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Cross-industry innovation: the technology of tomorrow

Central cross-industry innovations are determining the business of tomorrow. Austria is one of the players at the very forefront in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), cyber security and quantum technology.

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Artificial intelligence – this is what the business of tomorrow will be like

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a key area of successful business – and Austria has long recognised this. Companies in Austria offer the best basis for the development and the innovative use of AI in different sectors such as Industry 4.0.

Here, companies in Austria are not only among the developers but also among the users of innovative AI technologies. Whether it involves production or service: The country has been in international competition for decades and therefore always put great faith in digitalisation. This is now paying off also with artificial intelligence.

Research on AI has a long tradition in Austria, among others in the areas of logic systems, neuronal networks, robotics, and systems capable of understanding speech. The new focus areas are of course in Industry 4.0, for instance in predictive maintenance. The most important AI research fields in Austria include robotics and autonomous driving, in addition to knowledge-based and learning systems. Pattern recognition, image and video analysis as well as language-processing systems have priority status in research activities in Austria.

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Professor Sepp Hochreiter is one of the world's leading experts in the field of artificial intelligence. In as early as the 1990s, he created important basics for voice recognition technology which is today used worldwide. In the Artificial Intelligence Lab of Linz Institute of Technology (LIT), he and his team carry out world-leading research in the field of Deep Learning and facilitates industrial use of artificial intelligence.   Companies such as Google, Amazon, Audi and Janssen use his findings.

...that fundamental AI research for speech recognition technology used globally today originated in Austria?

Cyber security
Security in the digital world

Cyber security is of great importance for business and prosperity. Austria is making it a clear priority: state, industry and academic are tackling the challenge together. Currently, around 35 companies in Austria offer modern cyber security solutions for the public sector, critical infrastructure, industry and companies. The growth rate until 2023 is between six and nine per cent. 



That the country is seen internationally as a high-tech location for cyber security is also due to the know-how of the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) and its reputation in the European research landscape. Academia and industry are setting new standards with Austrian IT security solutions and are contributing to preserving competitiveness on the global market in the future too.

Quantum technology:
Innovation from Austria

Internationally, Austria is one of the top locations for quantum research and technology. In order to strengthen its position in this field of the future, the Federal Government is supporting research and development in order to find new application options. The country as a leader in the field of quantum technology will thus become even more the go-to location for future-oriented companies.



Most recent example: In the newly opened research laboratory in Villach, Infineon is testing industrially produced quantum chips in short cycles – days instead of weeks – a huge step on the way to developing and producing marketable quantum computers. But quantum research has a long tradition in the country: The Austrian quantum physicist Anton Zeilinger who lives and researches here has long been famous in the scientific community for his experiments on quantum entanglement.

Did you know...

With the Austrian Quantum Fiber Network (AQUnet), a fiber optic network is now being built that is intended to become the model for a possible future quantum Internet.

...that quantum technology is one of Austria's strongest scientific fields?

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