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Taking a holiday trip comes to mind for many people who hear the word “Austria”. However, Austria is first and foremost a land of industry, which accounts for 30% of the country’s GDP compared to 15% generated by tourism.

Mechanical engineering, electrical and vehicle industries, chemical products and the food industry comprise the leading sectors in Austria. Many companies in these business areas are among the top global players or are even world market leaders, such as Rosenbauer, Miba, Lenzing and Red Bull
Euro in R&D expenditures in Austria in 2020
Euro in research tax credits were applied
Euro GDP per capita


Business Location

Why Austria?

  • Gateway to 760 million customers in the heart of Europe
    Austria – an industrialised nation
    One of the EU’s most prosperous member states – High purchasing power

  • Highly motivated employees – Ranked third worldwide
    Labour productivity 16% above the EU average
    Practical training – Schools and businesses work hand in hand

  • First-class universities and research centres
    14% research tax credit and direct research funding
    Innovative companies, startups and scaleups

  • Business-friendly tax system and extensive incentive portfolio
    High-performance infrastructure and modern eGovernment
    Stability and security – hardly any strikes, low crime rate

  • Austria – the country with the highest quality of life
    Favourable cost of living, unmatched public transport
    Cultural and culinary heights – and genuine mountaintops

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Austria research and development (R&D) has taken an enormous leap forward over the past two decades. The increase in the R&D/GDP ratio from 1.53% in 1994 to 3,26% at present clearly shows the progress made. Accordingly, Austria boasts one of the most dynamic developments in Europe with respect to R&D.

Systematic investments on the part of domestic and international companies in Research Location Austria, for example in biologics, are making a major contribution to this upward trend along with the commitment of the public sector. This is underlined by the broad-based promotion and funding of Austrian research and an innovation-friendly tax system.

What specifically can companies in Austria profit from?

  • Attractive funding
  • Research premium since 2018 on even 14% for companies based in Austria
  • Business-friendly tax system with low costs
  • Bundled know-how of international experts
  • Strong links of the business and scientific communities

6 reasons to perform research in Austria

Innovative companies from across the globe enjoy optimal conditions in Austria.

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Research ratio and research expenditures

In the 2020 EU GDP ranking of research spending, Austria is in third place behind Sweden (3.51%) with 3.22%.

Austria is one of the few European countries to have exceeded the EU's stated research policy goal of a research quota of three percent by 2020. This year, Austria once again occupies a top position on the EU average.

Overall, Austria will increase its spending on research and development to 14.1 billion euros according to forecasts (as of April 2022). This puts spending above the forecast increase in gross domestic product of plus 9.3% and corresponds to an estimated research ratio of 3.26% of gross domestic product (GDP).

7.16 billion euros (50%), and thus the largest share of research spending, is borne by companies.

Current developments in research

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Research Location Austria.
Where innovation moves mountains.

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Research Location Austria.
Where innovation moves mountains.
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