17 May 2017

Austria as global innovation player

Knowledge is the basis. Innovation stems from knowledge, and this becomes visible in the form of products and services which successfully make their way onto the marketplace. Austria is among the world’s best when it comes to knowledge management. But there is still room for improvement in applying this knowledge, in innovation.
03 May 2017

Giving and taking in research

One out of every six euros invested in research and development in Austria comes from abroad. This is a traditionally high figure, and as we have seen, a stable share. Against the backdrop of a rising R&D ratio, the involvement of foreign companies is higher than ever before in nominal terms. In the meantime, they invested EUR 1.72 billion in Austria . . .
24 April 2017

Foreign companies as a driving force for Austria

Austria is a very successful country economically speaking. Only Luxembourg, Ireland and the Netherlands have a higher per capita GDP in the EU. Domestic companies mainly assert themselves as market leaders in small niches, are highly productive and export almost everywhere in the world. This is something which is well known, at least within Austria . . .
21 April 2017

Go Austria: How young international companies can profit from the Startup Package

The startup scene has waited a long time for a better environment. Now the time has finally come. A Startup Package with a volume of EUR 185 million will sustainably strengthen Austria as a business location and make Austria the number one country for founders – an ambitious but realistic goal.
19 April 2017

Positive development of the Vienna office market boosts the city’s role as a service hub

The year 2016 was the most successful year for the Vienna office rental market since 2012, with 329,000m² of newly rented office space. Due to the above-average second half-year, the letting performance was about 59% higher for 2016 as a whole than in the previous year.