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Life Sciences

Biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry and medical technology: the life sciences sector in Austria is characterised by outstanding networking, international research and a growing corporate landscape.

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Life Sciences

Biotech, pharmaceutical industry, and medical technology: The life sciences sector in Austria is characterized by optimal networking within a strong research network, active both nationally and internationally.

The close collaboration between universities, research institutions, and life sciences companies fosters the development of innovative products and technologies.

 Furthermore, the growing corporate landscape in this sector offers a promising environment for investments and new business initiatives. Austria's strong expertise and commitment in the life sciences contribute to positioning the country as a leading location for medical research and development, as well as in the mobility industry or cross-industry technologies.

Austria: Top centre
for life sciences  

Austria is one of the most important centers of the European life sciences scene, with both SMEs and many multinationals. A total of more than 900 life sciences companies, including biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical technology industries, operate in Austria. Major players such as Boehringer Ingelheim, Novartis, and Ottobock are part of this vibrant system. There is a hive of activity, particularly in Austria’s core areas of expertise such as cancer research, gene therapy research and medical products.

The high degree of networking between producers, suppliers and service providers makes Austria an outstanding location for life sciences companies with international research. The life sciences sector accounts for 7% of GDP, thus making a key contribution to national gross value added. It is responsible for more than 60,000 highly qualified jobs.

The business location of Austria stands out because it offers not one but several advantages i.e., an excellent infrastructure (including laboratory space) and highly qualified, motivated employees. The availability of data and donors makes Austria an ideal location for medical research, complemented by the research tax credit and a strong funding landscape. In 2022, Austria launched a new funding programme with a volume of € 50 million for pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, also for financing clinical studies.

20.5 %
life sciences research ratio
companies with 60,000 employees in the areas of biotech, pharmaceutical and medical products
researchers at 55 research facilities
life sciences students

Life Sciences in Austria

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Success Stories


In 2020, Pfizer succeeded in making a COVID-19 vaccine available in record time together with its partner BioNTech. Pfizer also ranks among the largest pharmaceutical companies in Austria and manufactures about 14.5 million doses of vaccine each year for export to the rest of the world at its production facility in Orth an der Donau.

The full success story is available here.

Compared to other innovative sectors, the life sciences industry is by far the most innovative, features the highest research ratio and makes a significant contribution to national value creation.

Dr. Robin Rumler Country Manager Pfizer Corporation Austria (till 2022)
© Pfizer Corporation Austria GmbH
© Pfizer Corporation Austria GmbH

Did you know...

The Medical University of Vienna has been the global leader in the reconstruction of extremities for years. In 2011, the first patient received a "bionic hand" after an accident. Since then, the range of treatments to restore lost body functions has been extended to include many revolutionary approaches.

...that the Vienna General Hospital is one of the best and largest hospitals in the world?

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