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Why Austria


Austrian specialists are highly qualified, motivated and extremely loyal. The dual apprenticeship system links schools with the business community and facilitates practice-oriented learning.

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Highly motivated
and superbly qualified

Investors highly value the specialised expertise and comprehensive basic knowledge of Austrian employees.

The dual training system in apprenticeships and advanced technical colleges teaches practice-oriented skills. Training and requirements are tailored to one another in close collaboration with companies. Employees here are highly motivated and loyal. On average, they stay with a company for about ten years.

public and private universities
courses of study available at universities of applied sciences
graduates completed their university studies in Austria in 2020

Did you know...

At the 2021 EuroSkills, Austria succeeded in defending its second-place spot in the medals table for the fourth time, winning 33 medals. The Austrian apprentices scored points, e.g., in concrete construction, web development, agricultural and construction machine technology and fashion technology.

...that Austria’s young specialists regularly win international awards?

Digital skills
for the economy

Austrian universities and universities of applied sciences have suitable programmes

The current digitalisation challenges of companies are taken into account by new offerings at universities, universities of applied sciences and the Austrian Institute of Technology in areas such as artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, bioinformatics, cyber security, data science or power electronics. 

Did you know...

The training of apprentices takes place in a practice-oriented manner, both in the company and at the accompanying vocational school (“dual training”). An apprenticeship lasts two to four years depending on the selected apprenticeship profession and concludes with the final apprenticeship examination.

...that there are more than 200 apprenticeship professions in Austria?
“Coding” is one of them!

Success stories

Robert Bosch AG

Robert Bosch AG is increasingly relying on Austria as an engineering location, most recently in the fields of automobile radar systems, artificial intelligence and electrolysis for green hydrogen. 

The entire Success Story is available here.

Austria stands out thanks to an exceptionally good educational system in different areas, featuring higher technical institutes, universities of applied sciences and universities. These people are highly educated and, most importantly, are available.

Helmut Weinwurm CEO of Robert Bosch AG and representative of the Bosch Group in Austria
© Bosch/Höfinger
© Bosch/Höfinger

Riedel Communications Austria GmbH

Vienna is the ideal gateway to Southeast and Eastern European markets. At the same time, it is also the company’s innovation centre. Two of the three most important product groups of Riedel Communications were developed in Vienna. 

The entire Success Story is available here.

Motivation und Produktivität sind am Wiener Standort nachhaltig gut. Ich würde mit einem Augenzwinkern sagen, dass es bei uns „weniger Druck auf dem Kessel“ gibt, die viel zitierte österreichische Lockerheit. Aber gleichzeitig ist das unser Erfolgsrezept, weil es Kreativität fördert und langfristig erfolgreich ist.

Jürgen Diniz-Malleck Sales Director Europe, Middle East, Russia at Riedel Communications

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