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Why Austria

Why Austria

Austria is the central hub between East and West. Here, companies can count on outstanding stability and a highly qualified, motivated workforce. This attractive country offers the perfect conditions for business success in the midst of a dynamic market. With its geographical location as a link between various economic influences, Austria is a hotspot for companies looking for an optimal economic environment. The combination of these factors and the opportunity to establish a foothold in a growing market are reasons why Austria is an extremely promising destination for business investments and offers many benefits for those who seek to expand their companies. We take a closer look at the arguments why you should choose this business location for your company and invest in Austria.

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Profit from solvent market and experienced specialists in Austria

One of the biggest benefits of Austria as a business location is its strong purchasing power. As an innovative industrial nation, Austria offers excellent access to a huge market of around 750 million potential customers in the heart of Europe.

As one of the economically strongest EU countries, Austria has particularly high purchasing power and is an extremely attractive location for companies that are looking for high-growth markets. Another benefit is the country's skilled workforce. The Austrian workforce stands out not only for its high qualifications but also for its motivation. The workforce is particularly committed and passionate about their work, which further increases the competitiveness of companies in this dynamic market. This combination, together with the strong economic environment, makes investing in Austria and expanding your company there an ideal opportunity for business development.


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Establishing a business in Austria


Taxt Aspects

A climate-friendly country with an excellent quality of life

By expanding your company and investing in Austria, you are investing in an extremely secure and attractive location. The green business climate refers to ecological and sustainable environmental surroundings. In such a climate, minimizing negative environmental impacts and promoting environmentally friendly practices are top priorities.

Austria's public transportation network is also environmentally friendly. This ensures convenient mobility and also makes everyday life easier for the workforce. 

Austria is characterized not only by its business-friendly tax system and the stability of an efficient infrastructure, but also by its high quality of life. The country enjoys a worldwide reputation as one of the best countries to live in and offers an excellent cost of living, which is particularly advantageous for companies and their employees.

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Expand your company and invest in Austria

Are there more reasons why you should expand your company to Austria? All in all, the country's combination of economic strength, high quality of life and efficient infrastructure makes it an extremely promising location for investment and lifestyle in equal measure.

 In addition to the market and social factors, Austria is also an excellent location for research. Companies with a creative spirit for innovation benefit from a progressive research landscape and a high level of willingness to invest. You can benefit from a generous 14% research grant and a wide range of direct support programs for research projects. Contact us now and find out about our services if you too would like to expand your company to Austria.

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