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Advanced Manufacturing

Top training for young talents, unique expertise, networks throughout the world – the success formula for advanced manufacturing Made in Austria.

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Advanced Manufacturing in Austria - Innovation and competitiveness through advanced manufacturing technologies

Advanced manufacturing is an important driver of innovation and competitiveness in Austria.

It stands for advanced manufacturing and refers to a modern production method utilizing state-of-the-art technologies like artificial intelligence and automation for more efficient, precise, and sustainable product manufacturing. This approach allows companies to adapt more flexibly to changes, enhance product quality, and increase efficiency. Advanced manufacturing is helping to drive innovation in various industries.



An important factor in advanced manufacturing in Austria is the increased use of research and development. Recently, the country has emerged as a leading hub for advanced manufacturing technologies, also providing funding in this sector. Thanks to these factors, Austria is well positioned to continue manufacturing innovative products and strengthen its competitiveness on the global market. The country is therefore an ideal environment for companies wishing to operate in this field.

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Rethinking production

Austria is a highly developed location with great innovative strength and a high level of efficiency. Technology companies with international operations can rely on premium quality and services from Austrian mechanical and plant engineering firms.

There are highly specialised companies in Austria, from advanced manufacturing and Industry 4.0 to robotics and sensor technology. They fuse their in-depth expertise and a high degree of customer orientation to guarantee Austria a top position in international comparison.

An active industrial and scientific community has developed over the last few years, particularly in the additive manufacturing sector, encompassing material providers and system manufacturers as well as designers and end users. Austria is also one of the 15 best nations worldwide when it comes to the automation of factories.

This success comes from intensive R&D activities and collaboration with external partners. In fact, cooperation is a typical Austrian trait. A great deal of money is being invested in research and young talents in order to remain one of the leading players in the future. International company founders can rely on the good technical qualifications of employees. 

hidden champions in Austria are global tech leaders
employees work in about 29,000 manufacturing companies
€ 240000000000
was generated by Austria's manufacturing industry in 2020 – 18% of GDP.

Did you know...

The Vienna University of Technology and the 3D printing company Cubicure developed a high-tech replacement for ivory. This innovative material “Digory” consists of synthetic resin 2021 and calcium phosphate particles. It is processed in a hot, liquid state and precisely hardened in the desired form in 3D printers on the basis of UV rays - a globally unique and sustainable innovation!

...that Austria is the global leader in the number of additive manufacturing companies per capita?

Advanced manufacturing in Austria:
5 good reasons for a subsidiary here

  1. 01

    Austria offers expertise in all the areas you need for smart production. The country's diversity is reflected in its specialising in all areas of technology, from Big Data and data labelling to gateway software, robotics and 3D printing. Sensor technology, linear drives, value stream simulation, digital twins, 5G, intralogistics... we could go on forever!

  2. 02

    Austrian companies are right at the forefront when it comes to the digitalisation of production. Industry 4.0 solutions are modernising important industrial sectors such as the automotive, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Austrian companies supply energy-efficient and low-emission systems to improve productivity and product quality. Intelligent production processes and innovative automation solutions are being deployed, for example involving networked machines, modern hydraulic technology or modular automation technology.

  3. 03

    International customers of Austrian companies can rely on the good technical qualifications of employees, for example, graduates of technical colleges that collaborate with manufacturers in many fields. In addition, close to half of the young people in Austria are trained within the context of the "dual educational system." This means training takes place at a company 80% of the time and is linked to a specialised vocational school. In this way young talents acquire in-depth training in technical areas such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and electronics. 

  1. 04

    The research and development budget is a key factor on the path towards greater innovation and gaining competitive advantages. For this reason, Austria is ready to assist you with tailor-made funding. At the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), you will find numerous calls for tenders  on various topics. The General Programme-Project supports experimental development for small-scale projects (up to € 3 million). The aws Growth Investment (aws = aws austria wirtschaftsservice, the promotional bank of the Austrian Federal Government) funds growth and innovation projects on the part of manufacturing companies.

  2. 05

    Austria is at the forefront when it comes to research. Numerous institutes are paving the way for the industry of tomorrow. For instance, Fraunhofer Austria is an established and innovative partner for companies, from factory planning to visual computing. The Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) is the country’s largest research and technology organisation (RTO) and is a leading player worldwide with respect to infrastructure topics. Joanneum Research develops solutions and technologies for business and industry in a broad range of sectors. The Austrian Academy of Sciences (AAS) carries out basic research at the highest level internationally. Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) serves as a European centre for top-class research in the field of electronics-based systems.

Austria as a top location for advanced manufacturing companies

There are several other reasons why Austria is the ideal location for your company: 

  • Education system: In Austria, great importance is placed on a first-class education system. This ensures excellent training and companies have access to well-trained specialists. who are familiar with the latest manufacturing technologies and processes. 
  • Highly developed infrastructure: Austria's advanced infrastructure, including modern production facilities and logistics solutions, enables companies to work efficiently and distribute their products worldwide.
  • Optimal location: The good location in the middle of Europe also opens up a high market potential and enables efficient access to European markets and good trade with customers in Europe thanks to its strategically favorable position. This optimal location also facilitates the export of products. 

Overall, Austria offers a number of foundations for success and growth, making the country an attractive location for advanced manufacturing companies.


Success Stories


In addition to the good planability and the manageable burdens imposed upon companies, Austria’s functioning social partnership as a balancing force and the good cooperation with ÖKB Export Services comprise a unique selling proposition for the Austrian business location, says Christoph Gamper, CEO of the Durst Group. Christoph Gamer also considers the “Tyrolean stubbornness” to be an important and highly valued quality, above all in East and South Tyrol. This is particularly the case when it comes to mechanical engineering, innovation and inventiveness.

You can read more about this success story in our article on Durst.

Generally speaking, the similar mindset I previously talked about is one factor. We carry out extensive research and development work. We require creative minds and inventors, and we also need stubbornness. Geographical proximity was also another factor in our decision. Austria plays a key role for us.

Christoph Gamper CEO Durst Group

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