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Why Austria

Research location

A willingness to invest, entrepreneurial spirit and a dynamic research scene: companies benefit from a 14% research tax credit and numerous direct research funding programmes.

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A tradition of innovation 
in Austria

Austria is leading the group of “strong innovators” within the EU. The circuit board, battery, turbine or sewing machine are just a few examples of Austrian ingenuity.

Many Austrian innovations have radically changed research and technology and our everyday lives as well as revolutionising or even creating the market in the first place. Austria's innovative strength continues unabated. The country ranks sixth among EU member states in the European Innovation Scoreboard, leading the group of "strong innovators".  Austria is even rated first when it comes to intellectual property. No other country registers as many patents, trademarks and designs in relation to its GDP. 

Top 1 patent applications
50 %
of R&D staff in Austria are employed by international companies
people in Austria work in research and development
€ 14150000000
is expected to be spent on R&D in 2022

Small country,
large-scale research funding 

Austria combines direct and indirect funding, which is unique in Europe. In an EU comparison, Austria ranks third with a research ratio of 3.26%.

Companies can apply for direct funding for their research projects via the relevant programme offered by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).The 14% research tax credit can be claimed for the costs not covered by these programmes, regardless of the firm’s size, sector or corporate structure. This applies to both in-house and contract research.

Top 3 Gross expenditure on R_D

Did you know...

43 people working in Austria can be found in the list of “Highly Cited Researchers 2021,” the who’s who of particularly influential specialists. These include experts in the fields of environmental and climate research, biotechnology, physics, neurosciences and microbiology.

...that 43 of the most frequently cited researchers in the world work exclusively or partly in Austria?

Did you know...

International companies account for a large share of research spending. 16% of total Austrian R&D spending comes from abroad, comprising a 4.9% rise compared to 2021. These expenditures primarily stem from companies whose Austrian subsidiaries conduct research.  

...that Austria is investing € 14 billion in R&D in 2022?

International talents

The world’s highest quality of life makes Austria an attractive location to work for international researchers.

Additional support is provided by programmes such as Talente linking researchers and companies, Forschung Austria awards scholarships to researchers from abroad and the Austrian Science Fund FWF provides assistance at the interface between basic and applied research. Furthermore, researchers who move to Austria benefit from attractive tax advantages.

Innovative companies meet top international experts and scientists in Austria

In addition to a strong research community in the higher education sector, non-university research facilities enjoy a worldwide reputation. They work hand in hand on practical high-tech innovations, for example in the fields of microtechnology and quantum computing.

Great importance is also attached to the collaboration between companies and research institutions. International firms profit from “open innovation.” The 47 competence centres set up within the context of the Competence Centres for Excellent Technologies (COMET) funding initiative are home to such business and science partnerships. Examples include the Austrian Center for Medical Innovation and Technology and the Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering in Graz.  

Success Stories

Boehringer Ingelheim RCV

Favourable conditions such as the high availability of skilled workers and the “unique” research tax credit has led Boehringer Ingelheim to repeatedly expand its business operations in Austria, most recently with a new biopharmaceutical production facility to be built at a cost of € 1.2 billion. 

The entire Success Story is available here.

Austria has emerged as a centre for research and biotechnology. The required support is provided by political decision makers and a suitable framework also exists.

Philipp von Lattorff General Manager Boehringer Ingelheim RCV GmbH & Co KG

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