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Mobility in Austria

Austria is an important driver of innovative mobility concepts, whether as a manufacturer and supplier of vehicle technologies as well as innovations in the rail industry or aviation.

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Automotive & Austria

What do a BMW engine and a VW emblem have in common? In all likelihood, both come from Austria. All the parts a car needs are produced here. Not to mention entire vehicles, from an SUV to a fire engine.

Austria is an international player, producing and supplying vehicles, vehicle parts and technologies. The automotive industry offers its customers a top-notch performance in areas such as chassis construction, electronics, engines and service. There is hardly a single automobile anywhere in the world that comes off the production line without components “Made in Austria." 

Austria’s role as important driving force behind innovative mobility concepts is also shown in the key area of autonomous driving. Numerous companies develop and test the transport solutions of tomorrow here. For example, TTTech, originally a spin-off of the Vienna University of Technology, is now a global player thanks to its "MotionWise" software. Corporations such as Samsung and Infineon are investing in the cutting-edge technology for safe, self-driving cars. The proving grounds for automated driving offered by Digitrans and ALP.Lab provide two of the most multifaceted testing areas for autonomous driving in all of Europe.

people are employed in the automotive sector
€ 1000000000
were invested in automotive R&D in 2020
€ 25500000000
production value in the vehicle industry

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ALP.Lab and Digitrans offer a broad range of testing and data services as well as proving grounds, research vehicles and support for various use cases.  

...that Europe's most versatile testing areas for autonomous driving are located in Austria?

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Everything on track(s)
Austria’s rail industry

When it comes to innovations in the rail industry, there is no way you can do without Austrian developments. Companies of the domestic rail industry rank among the most innovative anywhere in the world. Austria ranks sixth globally with respect to the number of registered patents and number of inventors. Today, 2-3% of all rail-related patents and every second track superstructure patent originate in Austria.

The products encompass the entire spectrum from railway carriages, tracks, safety and control technology to metro systems and high-speed trains. The rail transport portfolio also includes completely new segments such as cargo, logistics, tourism, planning, project management, environmental compatibility and international partnerships. The national rail industry, featuring an export ratio of 64%, is also an important factor in Austrian foreign trade: On average, two out of three euros generated by the Austrian rail industry are earned abroad. This makes Austria one of the leading countries in the railway sector featuring one of the world's most efficient railway systems. 

Aviation Made in Austria

The research-intensive aviation sector is an important economic factor in Austria.

Delivery, maintenance, repair and service have made aviation a growing sector here for decades. Since the year 2000, about € 400 million have been invested in research, technology and innovation. The underlying objective of the funding is to place the country on an even broader basis as a successful supplier

13 %
are employed in R&D
75 %
export ratio
€ 3000000000
in revenue

Success Stories


TTTech Auto has become a successful global player in the field of “highly automated driving” within a period of only four years. In the meantime, it already employs more than half of all the employees working in the TTTech Group. Thanks to its core product MotionWise, TTTech Auto has developed a tried and tested software vehicle platform in series production which has now been installed in close to two million vehicles.  

The full success story is available here.

Vienna is really located in the centre of the world and is very well-known as a cultural metropolis, but also because it has quite a lot to offer technology and innovation companies.

Mag. Georg Kopetz CEO of TTTech Group

BMW Group

The full success story is available here.

The heart of every second vehicle produced by the BMW Group anywhere in the world comes from Austria. In this way, we see how closely Bayerische Motoren Werke is linked to Austria. We have always been able to rely on a trusting and solution-oriented cooperation with our partners in the business community, politics and society.

Dr. Alexander Susanek Managing Director BMW Group Plant Steyr
© BMW Group
© BMW Group

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