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© Eugenio Marongiu / Westend61
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Austria as a start-up location

Do you aim to launch a business? Is your scaleup looking for the next market for further growth? Austria is a startup hotbed and outstanding fertile ground featuring exciting networks and attractive conditions.

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Financing and funding
facilitate innovations

Innovation and entrepreneurial spirit – this combination makes Austria a worthwhile location to invest in scale-ups and startups or founding new ones. The country is also characterised by providing excellent business start up funding opportunities.

The startup scene has developed in a highly dynamic manner. 2023 brought investments of EUR 695 million for start-ups in Austria (EY Startup Barometer). The country has catapulted to fourth place in the EU with respect to the number of unicorns. The tutoring platform GoStudent ist a symbol of Austria’s entrepreneurial spirit. Moreover, the international tech consultant i5invest lists twelve “soonicorns” in Austria, the fifth highest figure in Europe

Position regarding share of female startups in the EU
start-ups set up since 2012
employees work in this sector
€ 695000000
Financing 2023

Did you know...

Headquartered in Lambach in Upper Austria, Agilox develops intelligent guided vehicles and produces the driver-less transport systems of tomorrow.

…that an Austrian start-up developed the first self-driving forklift?

This is why Austria is your ideal start-up location:

  1. 01

    Austria is not only the most central EU market with high purchasing power, but also an ideal test market for the entire DACH region, which includes around 100 million consumers. Its geographical location makes it an attractive hub for companies to test and refine their products and services before expanding into larger markets.

  2. 02

    Austria is proud of its high-quality education system. Graduates of Austrian educational institutions are known for their creativity, flexibility and motivation. These well-trained professionals are a valuable contribution to the international business world.

  3. 03

    The high quality of life in Austria, which is reflected in areas such as healthcare, education, culture and the environment, makes the country an extremely attractive destination for international talents. The relatively moderate cost of living compared to other European countries is also a plus.

  4. 04

    In Austria, there is a close connection between competence centers, industry clusters and a dense network that promotes cooperation between science and business. This gives companies access to innovative ideas and solutions.

  1. 05

    Austria has an active venture capital/private equity scene and a dynamically growing business angels community. This offers companies with easy access to financing and funding to achieve their business goals.

  2. 06

    Companies with a focus on research benefit from direct subsidies for research and development as well as a 14% research tax credit. This makes Austria an attractive place for innovation-driven companies that want to invest in new ideas.

  3. 07

    The Flexible Capital Company (FlexCo) is a legal form that is specially tailored to the needs of start-ups. The FlexCo is a mixture of a GmbH and has some of the characteristics of an AG. In addition to streamlined provisions, the capital required to found a company is significantly reduced compared to a GmbH. One focus of this company form is the participation of employees in the success of the company.

Financing and funding

facilitate innovations

Austria offers a sophisticated funding system in which the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH (AWS) provide initial assistance to startups in the development, realisation and market launch of their ideas and products.

The New Companies Promotion Act (“Neugründungs-Förderungsgesetz”) enables young entrepreneurs and startups to avoid paying various fees and the land acquisition tax. A simplified founding is possible for a single-member limited liability company. It is considerably cheaper and can be processed entirely online.

Success Stories

PlanRadar GmbH

In the future, Vienna will continue to be the strategic centre for the global expansion and further product development of the PropTech company PlanRadar. Up until now, the central geographical location has been the perfect starting point for conquering the European market.  

The full success story is available here.

Although Austria sometimes has the reputation of being more traditional than dynamic, a lot has happened in the past years. For example, Austria has become an important location for innovative technology companies, whether in PropTech, FinTech or EdTech. In a European comparison, Austria is a forerunner with six unicorns. Moreover, there are several soonicorns i.e., companies close to a valuation of over USD 1 billion.

Sander van de Rijdt Co-CEO and Co-Founder PlanRadar
©PlanRadar GmbH
©PlanRadar GmbH

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