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Green tech / Clean tech

Austria's green tech sector is home to market-leading green tech pioneers, from waste management and recycling to industrial production and the circular economy.

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Austria's green tech sector on the path to success

To tackle the world's ecological challenges, innovative climate and environmental protection solutions are crucial. Austria's green tech companies are at the forefront of this innovation. With an R&D ratio of 5%, these companies are pioneers in diverse fields such as waste management, recycling, industrial production, and the circular economy.   

Environmental technologies, energy efficiency, and the generation of alternative energies have a long-standing tradition in Austria. For example, 76.2% of the required electricity is produced through hydropower. This pioneering approach allows Austrian green tech companies to offer tried and tested technologies, whereas other countries are only just starting out. In 2021, Austria was ranked third in the EU’s Eco-Innovation Index, and is thus one of the green innovation leaders in Europe.  

companies in the Austrian environmental technology sector create 51,000 jobs
6 %
is the annual growth rate
72 %
export ratio demonstrates the disproportionately high export orientation of Austria's environmental technology sector
global market leaders in the green tech sector

Green tech in Austria:
5 good reasons to locate your company here

Are you wondering why you should consider Austria as the location for your green tech company? The answer is simple – Austria as a business location offers optimal conditions, whether you are an emerging green tech startup or already have an established company. Moreover, the country is characterized by its high stability and unparalleled quality of life. In Austria, you will find an extremely business-friendly environment, which is particularly attractive for young companies.

These five good reasons speak for locating your green tech company in Austria:

  1. 01

    In the Eco-innovation Index, Austria ranked 3rd in an EU comparison in 2021 with regard to ecological renewal. In the category "value creation / environmental protection and resource management," Austria actually tops the rankings. Moreover, according to the Environmental Performance Index of 2022, Austria ranks 8th worldwide for sustainability, environmental protection and vitality of the ecosystems. This positioning creates an ideal environment for a green tech company looking to make a significant impact.

  2. 02

    Austria is leading the way with top-level research with respect to hydrogen, a crucial future-oriented segment. For example, the world's largest pilot plant for hydrogen electrolysis is located in Linz. It will soon facilitate CO2-free steel production. In Villach, the companies Infineon and Linde are constructing a plant for sustainable hydrogen which will make chip production climate neutral. Furthermore, research facilities such as HyCentA are promoting the further development of hydrogen technology so that it can be used for mobility and industry on a large scale.

  3. 03

    Young Austrian entrepreneurs are increasingly putting sustainability on their agendas. 34% or a third of all young entrepreneurs are focusing on ecological challenges. More than 150 climate tech startups in categories ranging from mobility and the circular economy to nutrition and agriculture are further driving this development.

  1. 04

    Located in the south of Austria, the Green Tech Valley is home to globally recognized pioneers and technology leaders in the green tech sector. This hub is especially known for its innovations in renewable energies and the circular economy, making it a strategic location for any green tech company aiming to be at the forefront of green innovation.

  2. 05

    Austria already set new standards on the domestic electricity market at an early stage. 76.2% of the Austrian electricity production is derived from renewable energy sources (as of 2020), making Austria the current leader in the EU. The Renewable Energy Expansion Act (EAG) stipulates the underlying conditions for the expansion of green electricity over the next ten years and provides a comprehensive system of funding. Funding amounts to € 1 billion annually until 2030. The EAG points the way to 100% green electricity in the year 2030 and comprises one of the pivotal instruments in the energy transition.

Moreover, the country is characterized by its high stability and unparalleled quality of life. In Austria, you will find an extremely business-friendly environment, which is particularly attractive for young companies.

Success Stories


Bosch is increasingly relying on Austria as an engineering location – most recently in the fields of automobile radar systems, artificial intelligence and electrolysis for green hydrogen. 

Austria convinces with business location advantages such as the exceptional funding offering and the highly qualified skilled workers.

Helmut Weinwurm CEO of Robert Bosch AG and representative of the Bosch Group in Austria
© Bosch/Höfinger
© Bosch/Höfinger

Did you know...

Austria aims to achieve 100% electricity from renewable energy sources by 2030 and reach climate neutrality by 2040.

...that already, 78.2% of Austria’s gross electricity consumption is derived from renewable sources, while others are still planning their transition.


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Green Tech in Austria

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