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Market potential

Austria is characterized by its high purchasing power nationwide as well as by Vienna's outstanding economic performance, which is around 150% above the EU average. This makes Austria one of the wealthiest and most economically stable locations in Europe.

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Companies from a variety of sectors find an extremely promising environment here to grow and succeed. The favorable economic climate and stable infrastructure offer opportunities not only for established companies but also for startups and innovative entrepreneurs looking for a promising market.

  • Ideal test market for German-speaking Europe
  • Expertise in Eastern Europe due to historical ties and immigration from Southeastern and Eastern Europe;
  • International Business Hub – Location of many international organizations (e.g., UN, OPEC, and IAEA) and regional headquarters;
  • Strong population growth and above-average employment rate.

International organizations also take advantage of Austria's optimal location in the heart of Europe: the UN has designated Vienna as one of its four official headquarters and is represented here by numerous organizations. The OPEC and the IAEA also have their headquarters in the city, exerting influence beyond national borders. Additionally, 412 international companies operate regional headquarters in Austria.

Top 1 congress metropolis vienna
hours flight time from Vienna, and you are already in every European capital
20 %
of Austrians have a migrant background, three-quarters of them from Eastern Europe
Eastern European companies have already set up business operations in Austria
customers can be reached via the Austrian business - from Europe to the Urals

Business in Austria: About Logistics

  • Located in the heart of Europe, Austria has an obvious geographical advantage. But there's more: one of the world's best road networks, intermodal freight transport, first-class rail infrastructure, connection via waterways (Rhine-Main-Danube). Moreover, the country is optimally connected to the NAPA ports: Trieste, Venice, Ravenna, Koper, and Rijeka – offering the shortest distance between Western Europe and Asia.
  • Whether as a North-South and East-West hub or as a central location for EU-wide business, Austria's unique geographical position in Europe makes it an ideal business location.
3 hours by plane:
750 million consumers
2 hours by air:
450 million consumers
1 hour flight:
100 million consumers

Did you know...

450 global companies such as Henkel, Nichicon, Lukoil or CSC have set up their CEE headquarters in Austria and leverage the potential of skilled Austrian workers with extensive foreign language skills.

...that Austria ranks first in the English Proficiency Index and a quarter of all Austrians grow up bilingual?

Did you know...

Austria is one of the four duty stations of the United Nations and headquarters for OPEC and IAEO.

...that Vienna is a centre of international diplomacy?

as an industrial nation

In fact, industry in Austria is a major economic pillar, often overshadowed by the stereotype of the picturesque Alpine country. With 29.2% of the GDP, industry plays a leading role in Austria's economy, while tourism, although also important, contributes 13.1% to the GDP.

The industrial sector  is represented by a variety of goods produced, from high-precision machinery and vehicles to pharmaceutical products and electronic devices, demonstrating the country's economic strength.

Many Austrian industrial companies are leading players in the global market or even world market leaders, such as Andritz AG, voestalpine, Rosenbauer, Miba, Lenzing, and Doppelmayr. Extremely export-oriented, Austria is also among the top three foreign investors in Eastern and Southern Europe.

Top 5 purchasing power in EU
29.2 %
is the share of Austria’s gross value added generated by industry
people are employed by Austrian industry across the globe
€ 280000000000
in revenue was industry’s share of Austrian GDP in 2021

Success Stories


Infineon made the largest investment in its company's history: the new high-tech power electronics chip factory in Villach, with an investment volume of 1.6 billion euros, confirms that it is possible to set up attractive production facilities in Europe, even in the highly competitive microelectronics sector, if innovative strength and cost efficiency can be combined.

You can read the entire success story in our blog post about Infineon.

We like to talk about success stories of companies in the USA or China, but our development shows that it is also possible here in Austria. We succeeded because we continuously focus on cutting-edge technologies, innovation, and know-how. This allows us to compete globally and to make the largest investment in Infineon's history as our latest milestone: the new high-tech chip factory for power electronics here in Villach.

Sabine Herlitschka CEO Infineon Technologies Austria AG
© Infineon Technologies Austria AG
© Infineon Technologies Austria AG

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