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Thanks to its central geographical location alongside a lucrative market and stable conditions, more than 412 international companies leverage the perfect strategic location in the heart of Europe to operate their international headquarters.

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International headquarters in
Austria: A safe haven
for global business

The presence of major players in Austria such as Boehringer Ingelheim, Henkel, Takeda and the BMW Group speaks for itself. Austria remains attractive as a location for international corporate headquarters and has maintained its position as a hub and ideal starting point for subsidiaries in Eastern and Western European countries, the US and Asia.

Austria, and Vienna in particular, is a top choice for international headquarters, irrespective of whether they are regional or divisional centres. More than 1,000 international companies exploit the perfect strategic location in the heart of Europe in order to drive their CEE activities forward. 

In particular, German companies tend to select their southern neighbour as the location for the seat of their international headquarters in a broad range of sectors. Production headquarters make up a large percentage, along with wholesale and retail headquarters. Numerous international headquarters carry out research and development in Austria, including Boehringer Ingelheim, Takeda and Siemens.

However, it is not only the geographical positioning in the middle of Europe that makes Austria so popular:

  •  A growing economy

  • stable conditions

  • business-friendly laws

  • a solid infrastructure

  • a superb quality of life 

All of the above factors combine to make this country a top strategic location for businesses.

in 5
countries on average is the number of foreign subsidiaries managed by Austrian headquarters
45 %
of all headquarters have been established in the capital city of Vienna
headquarters of foreign parent companies are based in Austria


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Convincing reasons why Austria
is the first choice for your international headquarters

  1. 01

     Austria's central location offers a strategic advantage for international companies. With direct access to over 100 million consumers in the entire German-speaking region and optimal connections to the emerging CEE and SEE markets, the country is a hub for business in Europe.

  2. 02

    Austria, as the fourth richest EU country, offers an impressive market volume of more than 50 million people who can be reached within a radius of just 400 kilometers. This creates enormous potential for companies wishing to gain a foothold in this prosperous market.

  3. 03

    Austria is known for its unparalleled political, personal, economic and legal stability. This creates a reassuring environment in which entrepreneurs can operate with confidence and security.

  4. 04

    Vienna, the second largest German-speaking metropolis, is growing rapidly and offers companies a vibrant business environment. The city is a melting pot of cultures and innovations, making it an ideal strategic location for international companies.

  1. 05

    Austria's excellent infrastructure, particularly in air and freight forwarding, ensures smooth logistics and trade processes. The country is the central hub in Europe that supports companies in their expansion.

  2. 06

    Austria offers companies attractive tax advantages, including group taxation and a well-developed network of double taxation agreements, which optimizes the tax burden and facilitates business operations.

  3. 07

    Austria not only scores points economically, but also offers an exceptionally high quality of life. The affordable costs for housing, culture, health, education and much more make the country a sought-after strategic location for international specialists and companies.

Austria benefits from it too

International companies who choose Austria as a strategic location make a significant contribution to the country's economy. They create a large number of jobs and offer employment opportunities for Austrian citizens and foreign skilled workers.

These companies pay significant taxes, which helps to finance public services and infrastructure projects. They also promote growth and innovation in the region. By investing in research and development and introducing new technologies and business models, international companies bring a breath of fresh air to the Austrian economy and help the country remain competitive. Their commitment strengthens the economy, creates opportunities and promotes the long-term prosperity of the country.

Success Stories


The South Korean startup Virnect selected Vienna to be the strategic location of its European international headquarters and research centre. The underlying reason is the proximity to renowned universities such as the Vienna University of Technology and Graz University of Technology, especially in the field of computer vision. In turn, this provides the best prerequisites for research partnerships. 

The entire success story is available here.

A modern infrastructure and favourable conditions for international business location projects, especially compared to other large European cities, made the difference for us. Vienna is one of the most liveable cities in the world. As an employer, this naturally helps us to attract international employees. The Vienna business location also boasts optimal prerequisites for research partnerships thanks to the proximity to renowned universities such as the Vienna University of Technology and Graz University of Technology, especially in the field of computer vision which is so crucial to us.

Markus Meirhofer Virnect Business Development Manager
© Virnect Europe GesmbH
© Virnect Europe GesmbH


TTTech Auto has become a successful global player in the field of “highly automated driving” within a period of only four years. In the meantime, it already employs more than half of all the employees working in the TTTech Group. Thanks to its core product MotionWise, TTTech Auto has developed a tried and tested software vehicle platform in series production which has now been installed in close to two million vehicles.  

The full success story is available here.

Vienna is really located in the centre of the world and is very well-known as a cultural metropolis, but also because it has quite a lot to offer technology and innovation companies.

Mag. Georg Kopetz CEO of TTTech Group

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