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Innovations from Austria for the Logistics Sector

The current task facing the logistics sector is to master their traditional business and to shape the digital transformation at the same time. Digital technologies create (real-time) transparency involving a large number of applications. Considerable productivity increases in the internal flow of materials are possible as a result of comprehensive digital analyses. The external delivery chain can be consistently monitored. Deviations of all kinds serve as the basis for proactive responses. Startups offer a large number of opportunities and potential for success, particularly in this field, and enhance the strengths of established companies in the ongoing struggle to gain competitive advantages.

"Track and trace" on the "last mile"

The mission "Digitalisation of Freight Transport" encompasses temperature monitoring, inventory creation and handling of transported goods as well as continuous live monitoring. The system developed by D3EIF, a startup from Hagenberg in Austria's Mühlkreis region is a first-class IoT gateway. It communicates wirelessly and can communicate with all sensors and popular radio equipment. The energy to power the system comes from energy cells operating at full capacity in every environment. The data can be transferred securely and reliably to the IoT cloud - even vehicle information such as axle load, kilometres, current consumption and much more. By transmitting the data from the telematics system to the integration portal Businesscare, D3EIF provides complete solutions for companies in the logistics industry.

Efficient processes

In contrast, the startup Motion-Mining® based in Dortmund enables a holistic analysis of motion and position data in manual work processes e.g. in logistics and production. The analysis is anonymously performed on the basis of wearables and beacons in a time-saving manner. Employees have three wearables each on their bodies as a means of recording the different activities. Localisation takes place via tiny radio transmitters, so-called beacons. The data which is derived is automated. The classification of activities is implemented via a deep learning-based pattern recognition method. In turn, this enables an extremely precise display of process indicators and thus serves as the basis for determining optimisation measures relating to efficiency and ergonomics.

Software-supported risk management

The Viennese startup Prewave is currently developing a tool enabling the automatic and timely identification or prediction of impending dangers on the basis of social media data and news reports. The "Prewave Prediction Engine" analyses local social media data and news reports based on a combination of methods from natural language processing and machine learning and generates warnings on upcoming risk events. In addition to forecast analyses, the startup also offers sustainability screening. Suppliers or investment projects are assessed for their environmental and social risks over the last ten years. Companies can also inform themselves about current events thanks to ongoing monitoring.

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June 26, 2019
Future lab and evening gala
Awarding of the Austrian Logistics Award

June 27, 2019
26th Austrian Logistics Day


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