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Regional support for companies affected by COVID-19


Vienna Business Agency:

„Vienna Online": Support for online-shop systems
Vienna Business Agency supports the establishment and expansion of online-shop systems in small and micro enterprises in Vienna. A total of EUR 7 million is available.

  • Target group: Viennese micro and small-sized enterprises from the areas of local supply, creative industries and personal services
  • Funding rate: 75%, max. funding amount: EUR 10.000 per company
  • Eligible costs: Investment costs; acquisition costs such as hardware, software, for shipping and storage; consulting services; external (IT) services; marketing costs; license costs
  • Submission with online funding application from April 10, 2020 (max. until June 10, 2020). Costs will be recognized retroactively from March 1, 2020.

„Innovate4Vienna: Funding of production and development projects

The „Innovate4Vienna" program supports the fast and efficient implementation of COVID-19 relevant production and development projects, such as medical devices and medical software, software solutions, protective equipment, hygienic and disinfection measures.

  • Target group: Companies with permanent establishment in Vienna
  • Funding rate: 75%
  • Minimum project value: EUR 10,000
  • Project duration: six months
  • Eligible costs: Personnel costs, project-related investments, purchased services
  • Online-funding application at Vienna Business Agency

WKGB, Vienna Chamber of Commerce and City of Vienna:

Guarantees to strengthen liquidity
Guarantees of up to 80% for bridging loans (equipment financing based on: decreases in orders and sales, default and loss of receivables, loss of personnel or personnel expenses. Financing volumes from EUR 5,000 to EUR 500,000 are secured:

  • For companies with an annual turnover of less than EUR 5 million:
    Guarantees for financing volumes from EUR 5,000 to EUR 350,000
  • For companies with an annual turnover of over EUR 5 million:
    Guarantees for financing volumes from EUR 50,000 to EUR 500,000

Submission until September 30, 2020.

Application via WKGB (Wiener Kreditbürgschafts- und Beteiligungsbank) (German)


Burgenland is providing a total of EUR 30 million in three programs:

Hardship fund of the province of Burgenland

  • The target group are EPUs in Burgenland and microenterprises with up to 9 employees in the industrial economy including tourism and gastronomy. Support is provided in the form of non-repayable grants for fixed costs and rent.
  • Rental subsidy of 50%, maximum EUR 500
  • Overheads subsidy of 50%, maximum EUR 5,000

The support is for the period March 1, to June 30, 2020.

Guarantees for working capital financing for Burgenland commercial SME

  • Liability ratio up to 80% of the loan amount, maximum of EUR 1.5 million
  • Period of up to 5 years
  • From 0.5% per year risk-related liability fee on the guaranteed loan amount
  • No processing fee

Small loans (when financing via liability is not possible)

  • Credit amount up to EUR 50,000
  • Period of up to 5 years
  • Risk-dependent debit interest from 2.0% per year
  • No processing fee

Applications for the assumption of liability can be submitted to the financing credit institution and applications for small loans directly to WiBuG (Wirtschaft Burgenland GmbH):



Measures of the City of Graz for companies in Graz:

  • No user fees for the operation of open-air restaurants until the end of 2020; fees already paid will be refunded as soon as possible
  • Water charges will be reduced by 20% for affected companies in Graz by the end of the year
  • Emergency fund for electricity levies for companies in Graz that are experiencing payment difficulties. No power cuts in the event of late payment
  • Applied for rent subsidies from the City of Graz are paid out immediately for the entire year (German)

Lower Austria:

EUR 20 million scope of liability for affected companies
Target group are Lower Austrian SMEs in the commercial sector and tourism companies. The necessary liquidity shall be ensured to stabilise the operative business. Guarantees in the amount of 80% are assumed as collateral for new operating loans to be granted up to an amount of EUR 500,000. Funding is provided within the scope of the de minimis regulation.

Application (German):


Land Salzburg: Emergency package for economy and tourisms

A federal guarantee is provided for 80% of the loan, the banks have a remaining risk of 20%. The first year is redemption-free, interest is paid by the province of Salzburg.
36 months duration and a credit limit of up to 500,000 per enterprise. (German)

City of Salzburg: Rent reduction for urban business premises

Reduction of rent for tenants of municipal business premises of the City of Salzburg for the period during which these premises cannot be used due to official measures in connection with the containment of the COVID-19 virus. (German)


The Tyrolean regional government is providing a EUR 400 million COVID-19 measure-package. In addition to the establishment of a Tyrolean hardship fund (details are currently being worked out), the province of Tyrol is offering follow-up support in the form of non-repayable interest subsidies in addition to the existing AWS bridge guarantees and ÖHT guarantees:
Interest subsidies for state-guaranteed liabilities up to 1,5%

  • Volume made available amounting to EUR 10 million
  • Interest payments for bridging loans with federal guarantee for Tyrolean entrepreneurs
  • Interest subsidies up to 1,5%
  • No separate application to the Land of Tyrol. With the submission of the funding application, the follow-up funding of the province of Tyrol is considered to have been applied for

Anschlussförderung zur "aws-Garantierichtlinie für KMU" der AWS
Anschlussförderung zum Coronavirus-Maßnahmenpaket für den Tourismus
(both German)

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