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Innovations from Vienna are a Growth Driver

The HealthTech company Ottobock is the world market leader in the field of prostheses ad one of the leading suppliers in the fields of orthotics and wheelchairs - also and particularly due to innovations originating in Vienna. The facility in Austria serves as a driving force for innovation throughout the corporate group, and also one of the growth drivers. The international competence centre for mechatronics located in Austria develops and produces high-tech prostheses for the global market.

With more than 600 employees, Vienna is one of our most important R&D locations in the world, ensuring top-notch performance in the field of medical research and development. Partnerships with universities, highly qualified employees and young talents offer the best pre-requisites for this.

Science and business are closely linked

Why has Vienna emerged as one of our most important research locations? There are several key factors responsible for this. The proximity to a strongly focused medical research environment including research institutions and clinics represents an ideal pre-requisite to optimally ensure research, development and production on the part of Ottobock in Vienna. The cooperation with leading scientists at universities along with application and specialised retail partners are further important cornerstones of our research work. These competencies comprise the basis for success underlying the development activities of Ottobock in Vienna and create the necessary conditions for interdisciplinary R&D projects.

In addition to in-house manufacturing expertise, Ottobock relies on longstanding partners and specialists from Austria, for example the companies WILD and Anton Paar Messtechnik, to name just two. Having the right partners is crucial, in light of the fact that the products and product components of Ottobock represent major technological challenges. The right partners are decisive for success in order to ensure the highest level of precision and robustness of the miniaturised components, also for use under adverse environmental conditions.

Products of the highest quality

Thanks to the ingenious interaction of sensors and microprocessors, innovative products and technologies enable users to enjoy an enhanced freedom of movement. The highlights of the R&D activities of Ottobock in Vienna are the leg, foot, arm and hand prostheses and orthotics developed and produced at the Vienna facility such as the C-Leg 4 knee joint, the Genium and Genium X3 knee joint, the Kenevo knee joint, the Meridium prosthetic foot, the C-Brace, the second generation computer-controlled leg prosthesis, the bebionic hand with Myo Plus pattern recognition, the Michelangelo Hand as well as the DynamicArm Plus and Targeted Muscle Reinnervation (TMR).

The Myo Plus control is used today for transradial amputations i.e. suitable for daily use by people whose forearm was amputated. The next generation of Myo Plus pattern recognition will also control the prostheses for transhumeral amputations on the upper arm. Research is currently being carried out on these projects, which also encompass the use of artificial intelligence.

Why it is important to invest

Products developed and manufactured in Vienna for launch on the marketplace enhance the quality of life for users across the globe and enable them to independently enjoy their daily lives. We will press ahead in Vienna with human mobility and research into technologies such as artificial intelligence and human-machine interfaces. The important role played by the Viennese business location within the Group has been further expanded. Ottobock is investing close to € 2 million in Vienna in 2019 and the coming years. The focus is on the field of artificial intelligence as well as the optimisation of production. Within the context of its ambitious plan for the future, Ottobock is investing in the digital transformation and artificial intelligence in technical orthopaedics at all its sites.

From our Austrian facility, we are pressing ahead with innovations based on national and international partnerships, for example with the Medical University of Vienna, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich), the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab in Chicago and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, amongst other activities.

Find out more about the topic of research funding in Austria. And learn more about research institutions in Austria. 


Dr. Andreas Goppelt

CTO and Managing Director of Ottobock Vienna
+43 (0) 1 523 3786-0

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