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Digital Transformation Made in Austria

An Austrian "unicorn" has become indispensable to more than 70 of the world's 100 largest companies, namely Dynatrace. The company founded in Linz has also been operating a facility in Vienna since April 2020.

The on-board computer for digitalisation

Digitalisation has never been as essential and also so business-critical for our daily life, like it is at the current time. Neither local startups nor globally operating companies can elude the digital transformation. The company Dynatrace founded in Linz is the global market leader in the field of software intelligence and supports firms such as Walmart, SAP, H&M, Samsung and American Express in the automation and optimisation of digital business processes.
Dynatrace works like an on-board computer for modern, digitally oriented companies. "We help our customers to automate their IT operations so that they sit in an autonomous vehicle instead of a car with a manual transmission", explains Dynatrace founder and CTO Bernd Greifeneder. More than 2,600 customers from all over the world benefit from this "digital turbocharge". This not only saves time but also reduces sources of errors, and thus improves the user experience of millions of people. For example, it ensures that online shops function smoothly and intuitively or that parcels can be delivered quickly and reliably. IT and business processes are driven by means of artificial intelligence, and errors are independently remedied. In this way, the digital transformation is accelerated, and can be scaled more effectively.

Austria's Silicon Valley

Dynatrace was established in Linz in 2005 and has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since August 2019. The company employs a staff of more than 2,600 people across the globe. However, the heart and soul of Dynatrace's software development continues to be in Austria. Dynatrace relies on all the advantages of the business location and considers itself to be one of the co-enablers of a "better Silicon Valley" in the middle of Europe. Distances within Austria are short, the infrastructure is extremely good, and its technological know-how is at a top-notch international level. Moreover, Vienna serves as an international business interface. The company's expansion to Vienna underlines the significance of Austria as a centre of global product development and comprises a milestone on the company's growth path. The facility in the Icon Tower, directly at the Central Railway Station, is already the firm's fifth site in Austria, alongside Klagenfurt, Graz, Hagenberg and the headquarters in Linz.

Vienna, a city worth living in

The advantages of this site are obvious. Thanks to the central location at the Central Railway Station, a quick, convenient and definitely congestion-free accessibility to the region ranging from Amstetten in Austria to Bratislava and Sopron is guaranteed. With a total population of three million, this region represents a highly attractive recruiting pool for Dynatrace, in light of the fact that the Viennese team aims to grow further as rapidly as possible.

The company is convinced it will be successful in this undertaking. It can offer a unique combination to technology experts from across the globe. Dynatrace is a 3-in-1 company. At its core it is still a startup, but it is internationally successful and relevant, and can leverage all the advantages of Austria as one of the world's most liveable business locations. Recently Vienna was named the most liveable city in the world for the tenth straight year, and Dynatrace has defined the goal of being the best high-tech employer in this city.

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Florian Dorfbauer

Lab Lead Vienna - Dynatrace

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