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Shared Mobility in Austria!

The green GO Sharing e-mopeds have been available on Vienna's streets since the beginning of April. Perhaps you have already seen one or given it a try. It Is becoming increasingly urgent to seek to preserve a healthy environment. For this reason, we want to consciously deploy electric powered vehicles which we share and reduce CO₂ emissions in order to make the world a more liveable place.

What actually is shared mobility?

When people talk about shared mobility, either they mean a transport service which several people use at the same time, or, in the case of GO Sharing, a vehicle which several people use at different points in time. In actual fact, the focus is on joint use instead of owning resources. The underlying motivation of the shared mobility concept is sustainable travel leading to a reduction of CO₂ emissions, ultimately ensuring a healthier environment. This concept could also be implemented in rural regions, where the need for mobility Is even much greater than in urban areas.

Where do we come from and where do we want to go?

GO Sharing is a Dutch company founded in the year 2019. Our vision is to minimise conventional vehicle ownership and focus on shared as well as electrical mobility, thus leading to a change of awareness on the part of the population. We have continuously worked on generating growth since the company was first established. We are currently operating in 26 Dutch cities and are now represented in Vienna as well. We selected the City of Vienna because of the traffic congestion and the increasing share of parking spaces. 

Austria represents a major step forward for us and an opportunity to ensure that the concept of "shared mobility" becomes more widely accepted and actively shape change. We believe the Republic of Austria has extensive potential for shared mobility which can be leveraged - both in urban as well as in rural areas.

Our e-mopeds optimally complement urban mobility in Vienna. Our mopeds expand the shared mobility network and offer seamless mobility options for everyone.
We intentionally decided in favour of e-powered mopeds because they replace walking and represent an independent means of transport. A person can quickly travel several kilometres with e-mopeds which can reach a speed of up to 45 km/h.


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Mia Gerzabek

Assistant Marketing Manager Vienna, GO Sharing Austria

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