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Diversity is so much more than achieving gender parity

 That is our goal for women in Health IT

Ultimately, digitalisation represents a unique possibility to set up a future-oriented healthcare system which aims at ensuring the inclusion of women from the very beginning. Our objective is to ensure the best possible health care on the basis of technologies, regardless of a person's sex or gender. In doing so, we build upon four pillars of activities with the following aims:

  1. to develop and support local and international digital health networks from and for women and men whose missions are to achieve gender parity and equal opportunity in the field of healthcare

  2. to increase the visibility and image of experts (female and male) at conferences and panels, as well as in publications and the media

  3. to focus attention on the different needs of women and men in a medical environment

  4. to ensure the participation and the valuable and absolutely necessary contributions of both women as well as men in decision-making processes and on all levels.

If we work together to integrate a diverse range of perspectives, we can enable more effective digital healthcare solutions and better results in the field of healthcare.

We want to reflect the diversity of Health IT and eHealth

Diversity has always been important. What has changed is the awareness of why advocates of diversity have fought so hard. It has taken a while, but democratic societies cannot deny the fact that every part of these societies must be involved in the process in order to represent those who they are supposed to serve. This applies to both public as well as private facilities. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, we can still put together a plan which excludes no part of society.

The Austrian healthcare system must define the goal of enabling diverse leadership, attracting and retaining up and coming talents and well as promoting creativity, creating an environment featuring integrative behaviour and a culture allowing us to be successful.

Austria has a good landscape of innovative startups and, in the meantime, scale-ups as well, alongside establish companies, research and educational institutions in the field of healthcare, not to mention a dense network of high-quality hospitals. This all comprises a very good starting point to position Austria across the globe as a healthcare location.
In particular, life sciences and basic research rank among the clear strengths in Austria. Developments of digital solutions in medicine (personalised medicine), care (active und assisted living) and in healthcare (digital health) can leverage very good conditions in Austria.
Moreover, industry clusters ensure economic dynamism. Pursuing the objective of networking, the Medical Technology Cluster in Upper Austria, for example, serves as an interface between business, science and medicine.
The existing "eHealth strategies," for example in Vienna (Healthcare Metropolis Vienna) and in Tyrol (Health Hub Tirol) are designed to improve the potential in providing healthcare services and thus to exploit opportunities opened by the digital world.

Stand up for diversity to our stakeholders – we want to make a difference

Organisations with integrative cultures are eight times more likely to achieve better business results, are six times more likely to be innovative and agile, are three times more likely to achieve a higher performance and two times more likely to achieve and surpass their financial targets.

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Our goal is to implement effective and realistic strategies which enable us not to make diversity something which stands out but something which is essential in order to get ahead more effectively both in the innovative healthcare sector as well as in daily healthcare structures. In order to really exploit the richness of diversity, we must lead the way with inclusion and create an environment in which these differences thrive and can be leveraged as a means of strengthening the healthcare system in the present and in the future.

Bettina T. Resl

General Secretary - Women in Health IT

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