18 October 2017

Austria: Hot Spot for Life Sciences Companies

In recent years Austria has turned into a hot spot for life sciences. An increasing number of life sciences companies locate their business operations in the Alpine Republic due to its favorable underlying conditions. These firms strengthen the business location through investments, innovations and by creating jobs.
04 October 2017

The digital path to self-employment starting right now – electronic founding of companies

Up until now, anyone deciding to establish a company was frequently confronted with numerous bureaucratic challenges. A large amount of information and red tape had to be dealt with, such as the district administration, the Federal Economic Chamber and the tax office.
20 September 2017

Tax Incentives for Companies in Business Location Austria

It is a challenge for companies to learn their way around the complex Austrian tax landscape. As a result, they often forego tax advantages they could claim. Business Location Austria offers a series of tax benefits for holding companies, tax groups and research-intensive companies.
06 September 2017

Accelerating Startups

Within one year, Vienna has blossomed into an up and coming hotspot for international startups. This could succeed in doing something which seemed impossible up until now: the radical innovation of the business location.
09 August 2017

Accelerating from 0 to 100 – The Million Euro Deals of Austrian Startups

Austria features a pulsating startup scene. In the meantime, it is the talk of the town at regular intervals due to the spectacular exits. The latest example of a successful takeover is the Viennese human resources startup Prescreen.
26 July 2017

The Albert Patent Bot Checks It Out

Do you have a robot on your team? Perhaps you even have one that can tell jokes? The Austrian Patent Office does. Albert Patent Bot is the name of the digital brand consultant supporting startups with respect to trademark protection. Albert is the very first chat bot in the Austrian public sector and chats with people in Facebook Messenger generously . . .
12 July 2017

The “privilege for industry” in the Austrian Trade Regulation Act

If a foreign company wants to be economically active in Austria, whether on a cross-border basis or by setting up a subsidiary or branch office, it will inevitably be confronted with the Austrian Trade Regulation Act.
28 June 2017

From a cool business idea to a good investment

The startup scene is booming. It is not only “in” to found one’s own startup, but industry has taken a liking to acquiring innovations from startups and working with them. However, there are countless lurking pitfalls which could cause even highly innovative business ideas to be worthless at the end of the day.
14 June 2017

Research premium: added impetus to Research Location Austria

One positive signal for research companies based in Austria occurred in 2016: the increase in the research premium from 10% to 12% was already an important measure designed to strengthen the domestic research landscape.
31 May 2017

Being a startup in Austria

Runtastic, spire, mySugr, shpock, kiweno, Waytation, USound and several others have set an example for “Being a Startup in Austria". These startups have succeeded in conquering the business world from the Austrian business location thanks to an innovative concept and a lot of hard work. However, bureaucratic and financial obstacles which need to be . . .
17 May 2017

Austria as global innovation player

Knowledge is the basis. Innovation stems from knowledge, and this becomes visible in the form of products and services which successfully make their way onto the marketplace. Austria is among the world’s best when it comes to knowledge management. But there is still room for improvement in applying this knowledge, in innovation.
03 May 2017

Giving and taking in research

One out of every six euros invested in research and development in Austria comes from abroad. This is a traditionally high figure, and as we have seen, a stable share. Against the backdrop of a rising R&D ratio, the involvement of foreign companies is higher than ever before in nominal terms. In the meantime, they invested EUR 1.72 billion in Austria . . .
24 April 2017

Foreign companies as a driving force for Austria

Austria is a very successful country economically speaking. Only Luxembourg, Ireland and the Netherlands have a higher per capita GDP in the EU. Domestic companies mainly assert themselves as market leaders in small niches, are highly productive and export almost everywhere in the world. This is something which is well known, at least within Austria . . .
21 April 2017

Go Austria: How young international companies can profit from the Startup Package

The startup scene has waited a long time for a better environment. Now the time has finally come. A Startup Package with a volume of EUR 185 million will sustainably strengthen Austria as a business location and make Austria the number one country for founders – an ambitious but realistic goal.
19 April 2017

Positive development of the Vienna office market boosts the city’s role as a service hub

The year 2016 was the most successful year for the Vienna office rental market since 2012, with 329,000m² of newly rented office space. Due to the above-average second half-year, the letting performance was about 59% higher for 2016 as a whole than in the previous year.
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