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13 November 2019
Fintech two smartphones

Insider Tip: FinTech Location Vienna

Startups and key players on the scene will gather together at the upcoming Fintech Week Vienna (18 – 24 November 2019) with the European Fintech Summit on 19 November as the highlight. Vienna, which is (still) underestimated as a European FinTech hotspot, not only spawns its own world-renowned start-ups but also attracts international FinTech companies. …
Innovation and Digitalisation
06 November 2019

Hiring employees from abroad: What you should keep in mind

Companies are more frequently raising their voices to complain that there is a lack of qualified employees in certain areas, for example IT. This comprises an important reason to increasingly look for suitable talents, also abroad. However, there several things to pay attention to in hiring so-called expatriates, in short expats.
Austria's Advantages
23 October 2019
Mobile Payment

Austria: Pacesetter for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Intelligent production, cyber-physical production systems and more are only just a few of the many facets of the industrial future. The notorious reality of assembly line work in production is a relic of the past. Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are characterised by a high level of automation and a continuous exchange of data. …
Research and Development Innovation and Digitalisation
10 October 2019

How Austria Shapes Its Future with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is certainly the most powerful new technology available today. This is probably the reason why the underlying discussion is frequently driven by fear. Hollywood has also contributed to this. Half-human, half-machine mutants resembling Frankenstein and Terminator are the spectres unleased by AI. However, as is often the case, …
Research and Development Innovation and Digitalisation
25 September 2019
lehrlinge im betrieb

Austria – Country of Masters

Austria’s fourth place in the IMD World Talent Ranking 2018 speaks for itself. Austria is a country of clever minds. Once each year the Institute of Management Development (IMD) evaluates the ability of countries to develop, attract and retain top talents. Austria’s special education system is a decisive factor in the good ranking.
Innovation and Digitalisation Austria's Advantages
16 September 2019
counseling situation

Not Only for Startups: The Business Plan as the Road Map to Success

A great idea has been born. The product the world is waiting for has been invented. Actually, nothing can seemingly go wrong. At least one would be inclined to think so. However, the best idea or invention is worthless without a business plan to successfully bring the idea down to earth. Here you will find out what you should take into consideration …
Business Formation, Legal & Tax Aspects
14 August 2019
climate change

Austrian SMEs Implement Measures to Curb Climate Change

Drought, storms, floods and mass immigration: climate change is real, and its consequences will pose massive challenges to society, political decision makers and the economy. This text focuses on how Austrian SMEs face the effects of climate change and why the changes also open up economic opportunities.
Innovation and Digitalisation
18 July 2019
Life Sciences

Coming back for seconds: Why big brands expand their (R&D) presence in Austria

The high-tech multinational Infineon is investing more than EUR 1.6 billion to expand its main facility in Austria. The pharmaceutical company Octapharma is massively expanding its Vienna-based operations at a cost of EUR 142 million. Headlines like these have recently caused people to sit up and take notice. But the question is: why is Austria as …
Research and Development Austria's Advantages
26 June 2019
Vienna's first autonomous e-bus

Austria on track to implement the mobility of the future

Recently the first autonomous or self-driving bus was put into operation in Vienna, and the first autonomous air taxi in Austria should be ready for series production by 2020. It seems that the mobility of the future has long begun in the Alpine Republic. This is, last but not least, evidence of the ideal conditions which innovative companies benefit …
Research and Development Innovation and Digitalisation
12 June 2019

Innovations from Austria for the Logistics Sector

At the present time there are many influencing factors which pose challenges to the supply chain and logistics management. Solutions in this area are frequently developed by startups, also from Austria. Several of them will present their innovations at the Austrian Logistics Day and Logistics Future Lab.
Research and Development Innovation and Digitalisation
29 May 2019
Pioneers Arena

Startup hotspot Austria continues to gain momentum

Austria has been a popular startup location for many years due to numerous incentives. This month, for the eighth time, the Vienna Hofburg hosted the international Pioneers Festival. Once again it became clear that the Austrian startup scene is getting more mature and more international. Both for early and for growth phases, further funds have now been …
Innovation and Digitalisation Austria's Advantages
15 May 2019

Energy Startups Find Good Starting Conditions in Austria

Austria is one of the most popular holiday destinations and is well known for its unspoiled nature, clean air and clear lakes. However, Austria is also the European leader in the use of hydropower and provides a good breeding ground for innovative ideas in the field of renewable energy.
Research and Development Innovation and Digitalisation
02 May 2019
wood k plus

Bio-based Carbon Materials from Upper Austria

Lightweight construction, composite materials and carbon are catchwords people have been increasingly talking about in recent years. A growing number of products are being manufactured from composites such as carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP), or the share of these composites is increasing. Intensive work and research are being carried out on …
Research and Development Innovation and Digitalisation
17 April 2019
hand holding 3D rendering of a ball

Blockchain Technologies: Austria’s Contribution in the Global Race

An international race focusing on the blockchain technology underlying cryptocurrency is currently taking place, not least due to the Bitcoin hype in 2017. Asia and in particular China are a step ahead at present, whereas the USA is somewhat behind. The blockchain industry is still in an embryonic state in large parts of Europe. Find out here why there …
Research and Development Innovation and Digitalisation
03 April 2019

Sustainable economy in Austria - Strong business location for the Environment

Austria not only scores points thanks to its unspoiled nature and beautiful landscapes, from the Alpine panorama to steppe lakes. The country is also a role model when it comes to environmental protection. Whether solar energy, wind power or electromobility, Austria boasts a highly development industry in the field of environmental technology and renewable …
Research and Development Innovation and Digitalisation
20 March 2019
Startups in an enterprise environment

Startups in an enterprise environment - how companies can profit from startups

The age of digital transformation and the approach of Industry 4.0 designed to accelerate the fourth industrial revolution open up opportunities in fields such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). The run towards digital business models, the collaboration with startups and the development of new innovation driver models …
Innovation and Digitalisation Austria's Advantages
06 March 2019

Austria as a Trailblazer for the Circular Economy

For years the idea of the circular economy embodies the vision of an economy with controllable resource consumption. Pioneer work was carried out, for example, by the European Union with its “Circular Economy Package”. This creates the foundation for enabling (secondary) raw materials to remain in the economic cycle as long and efficiently as possible. …
Innovation and Digitalisation Austria's Advantages
20 February 2019
OMV-Headquarter Vienna

How can Austria maintain its attractiveness as a headquarters location?

Austria has succeeded in luring 850 corporate headquarters thanks to its central geographical location in the heart of Europe, a very high quality of life and high quality standards in education and business. But will this be enough in the medium term?
Innovation and Digitalisation Austria's Advantages
06 February 2019

Europe as a Top Investment Location and Austria’s Central Role

Western Europe is still considered the most attractive location for investments anywhere in the world, even ahead of China. And its attractiveness is increasing. Europe’s land area is comparably small compared to the USA or China. Nevertheless, it is one of the largest and most prosperous markets. This particularly applies to Austria, whose purchasing …
Innovation and Digitalisation Austria's Advantages
23 January 2019
Carinthian Tech Research

The development of ICT in Austria

One can hardly imagine daily life nowadays without digital and modern communication. For this reason, it comes as no surprise that the information and communications technology (ICT) sectors serves as a growth driver underlying the local economies of many countries. This also applies to Austria, where the digitalization of the economy and public administration …
Research and Development Innovation and Digitalisation
09 January 2019
Ski area Austria

Ski Tourism as an Attractive Business Driver in Austria

Famous for its culture and unspoiled natural environment, Austria attracts vacationers and tourism companies from all over the world. One major advantage is the central location in the heart of Europe and the related good accessibility.
Research and Development Innovation and Digitalisation
12 December 2018
Data Management

Where does data live?

In the age of digitalization, success depends on one simple question: “Where and how do you process your data?” In our data-driven world, the decisive issue in ensuring that your company remains part of the value chain is how you handle your data. Here you will find out why different types of data require different strategies, and what you can learn …
Innovation and Digitalisation
28 November 2018
research at the Medical University

Life Sciences ‚Made in Austria’ – successfully linked research and practice

There is good news in the field of cancer research. According to Viennese experts, the danger of dying from cancer has declined by 25 percent over the last 25 years. The number of new cases has also dropped by 12 percent since 1995. Austria in particular has been able to score points in this field. In the last Eurocare study, the country was ranked …
Research and Development Life Sciences
14 November 2018
Start your business

Startup Hotspot Austria

The Austrian government expects its Land of Founders strategy to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit and the courage to set up companies. The objective is to transform Austria into the most founder-friendly country in Europe. The initiatives have already borne fruit. The startup scene in Austria has been experiencing a strong boom over years now.
Business Formation, Legal & Tax Aspects
31 October 2018
Metro Station Vienna

Austria is the European Champion for Public Transportation

Austrians love to take public transportation. No other European country can match the kilometers travelled by Austrians on trains, buses and street cars in proportion to the number of inhabitants. This is made possible primarily by the highly developed, modern and efficient transport infrastructure. But companies also make an important contribution …
Innovation and Digitalisation Austria's Advantages
17 October 2018
Skyline Vienna

Employer Branding: World’s most livable city attracts high potentials

Due to the country’s excellent education system, companies located in Austria can profit from highly-skilled employees, who in turn appreciate the unrivaled quality of life which the location can offer.
Austria's Advantages
02 October 2018
International Vienna

Austria, the East-West Hub

An international flair, cosmopolitan population, a wide range of cultures and languages living close to each other.
Austria's Advantages
12 September 2018
Savvy Corporate Minds in Austria

Austria: Business Location for Savvy Corporate Minds

Austria’s central location combined with an excellent infrastructure enabling all of Europe to be reached within three hours flight time has always lured companies. However, Austria has a lot more to offer the international business community than these advantages.
Austria's Advantages
18 July 2018
Digital chip

From Mixed Reality to Smart Factory – Austria Shapes the Digital Future of Work

New types of technologies are revolutionizing everyday work in the industrial sector. Methods and processes of industrial production in the future are being re-modelled in digital pilot factories. Austria has long been one of the most important providers of impetus in this dawning industrial age.
Innovation and Digitalisation
04 July 2018
Orange car

Self-Driving Cars: Travelling Towards the Law

Self-driving cars react in a split second: quicker than even the most attentive driver. Self-driving cars don’t get tired, they don’t lose concentration or become aggressive.
Innovation and Digitalisation
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