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14 April 2021
E-moped GO Sharing

Shared Mobility in Austria!

"A green planet with mobility from everyone, for everyone" has continuously been the motto of GO Sharing.
Innovation and Digitalisation
08 April 2021
corona virus maßnahmen unternehmen

Support measures for companies affected by COVID-19

To stimulate the economy, either new programs may be established as a result of the draft law or existing support programs (e.g. aws, ÖHT) will be expanded. All measures introduced are intended to be applicable immediately and will be in force until the end of 2020. The measures currently introduced include the following areas:
Austria's Advantages
31 March 2021
backlight person at desk

Digital Hidden Champions in Austria

Hidden champions are successful companies that are typically not recognized as such by the population at large as they are selling their products to other companies. They do not produce consumer products, but they create components that are necessary for those products to exist. Austria is known to have quite a few of these companies but it’s easy …
Innovation und Digitalisierung
30 March 2021
Logo Ventus

Ventus Cloud Austria GmbH

Ventus Cloud AG, founded in Switzerland in the year 2019, has set itself the task of assisting developers and companies by facilitating the provision of infrastructure via its European cloud platform.
Success Stories
17 March 2021
visitors exhibition

A Vienna Startup Success Story: Artivive

Augmented reality combines the real world with digital enhancements that allow us to visualize a new dimension of our reality. Artivive is the leading augmented reality art platform, based in Vienna, a city with such a rich cultural history, it was a no-brainer that this art-tech startup should set up shop in Austria’s capital city.
03 March 2021
network with logo ericsson

5G Technology – boosting post-COVID economy in Austria

The worldwide experience from the first 5G FWA implementations replacing in difficult areas the costly construction of cable networks in such conditions is urgently observed in many regions of the world, also in Europe, where service providers count on their implementation.
Forschung und Entwicklung Innovation und Digitalisierung
25 February 2021
Evotec Building

Evotec SE

Evotec is an active substance research company which rapidly presses ahead with innovative product approaches on the basis of development partnerships with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, academics, patient advocacy groups and venture capitalists.
Success Stories
17 February 2021
Photonics Austria Montage

The light-Emitting Austrian Network

Photonic technologies comprise a large proportion of the European and Austrian economy and have enabled them to play a pioneering role. However, global competition is continuously intensifying. In this case, investments in photonics are absolutely indispensable as the basis for maintaining the role of a frontrunner. Although photonics is already well-known …
Research and Development
16 February 2021
Logo GreenEdge

Green Edge Cloud Austria GmbH

Green Edge Cloud Ltd is a next generation cloud service provider on the European market. The company offers “private” cloud solutions on a decentralised, distributed, secure, cost-transparent and sustainable system architecture running on an innovative European operating system.
Success Stories
15 February 2021
Logo Klaxon

Klaxon Mobility GmbH

Klaxon Mobility GmbH was founded as a startup in Villach, Carinthia at the end of 2015 by Dr. Enrico Boaretto and Dr. Andrea Stella. It develops and produces innovative mobility solutions for all manual wheelchair models on the basis of state-of-the-art technologies.
Success Stories
15 February 2021

Trask Austria GmbH

Trask is a technology and business consulting company with headquarters based in Prague. The focus lies on technology-based business innovations, revolutionary products in digital banking, development of new technologies worth following, deep knowledge of the customers’ environments and the courage to push limits.
Success Stories
10 February 2021
high rise building made of glass

Should one invest just in a time of crisis?

Marion Biber, Managing Director of ABA – Invest in Austria and expert for the business location of Austria, explains why it may make sense just now to invest abroad in despite of the coronavirus crisis and lockdowns.
Austria's Advantages
03 February 2021
Icons Cloud Technology

Digital Transformation Made in Austria

The global lockdowns have not only changed people’s private lives, but also put a much greater burden on online systems. Digital solutions, whether banking transactions, online shops, streaming platforms or other online portals, are more sought after than ever before, and thus also more strained than they ever have been.
Innovation and Digitalisation
20 January 2021
paragraph in front of wall

Digitalisation of Corporate Law

On 17 November 2020, the second lockdown in the Republic of Austria was imposed based on the COVID-19 Emergency Measures Ordinance issued on 15 November 2020. The curfews once again made the decision-making bodies of Austrian companies and all consultants aware how indispensable the digitalisation of corporate law and the implementation of already existing …
Business Formation, Legal & Tax Aspects Innovation and Digitalisation
22 December 2020
Logo Ericsson

Ericsson Austria

Ericsson is the world leader in communications technology and services, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. 40 percent of the world's mobile traffic is handled by Ericsson network technology.
Success Stories
16 December 2020
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas in Austria: Customs and Traditions

Like every other country in the world, Austria has its own customs and traditions which characterise the winter holidays. Even within the country, people often disagree as to which traditions are actually the original ones. For this reason, both local residents and newcomers are often equally confused if they should happen to find themselves in an Austrian …
Austria's Advantages
02 December 2020
modern house front Vienna

5 Reasons in Favour of Launching Your Startup in Austria

Close to 40,000 new companies were founded in Austria in the year 2019. More than 9,000 of them, or close to one-quarter of the total, were established in the capital city of Vienna, making it the startup leader. 20 years ago the number of companies founded in Austria was less than 20,000 (Austrian Federal Economic Chamber). It is clear to see that …
Business Formation, Legal & Tax Aspects Austria's Advantages
18 November 2020

Regional support for companies affected by COVID-19

In addition to the nationwide federal initiatives for the economy, there are additional Corona measures for affected companies at provincial level.
Austria's Advantages
18 November 2020
wind turbines on field

The renewable energy market in Austria: Full of possibilities!

Although planning for energy transition targets in Europe only dates back to 2008, some countries have not waited for a timetable to act. Perhaps driven by an ecological awareness of their population, these forerunners sometimes invested in renewable energies as early as the 1970s. But their real motivation was first and foremost the prospect that the …
Research and Development
04 November 2020
hands on keyboard

Esports & Betting in Austria

For a long time now competitive computer games have not only been played in the dark bedrooms of teens. In fact, this has become a highly professional scene with prize money and audience ratings com-peting with sports events such as the National Football League and the Champions League. In Austria, esports have now taken their place as a mainstream …
Business Formation, Legal & Tax Aspects Innovation and Digitalisation
21 October 2020

Welcome to the future of legal transactions

Thanks to an initiative of the Austrian Chamber of Civil-Law Notaries, Austria is playing a pioneering role in connection with the digital foundation of companies.
Business Formation, Legal & Tax Aspects Innovation and Digitalisation
07 October 2020
Factors Business Location Austria

Europe as a business location: Austria is well positioned

The factors underlying the search for the right business location have changed. Energy supply security, political and social stability as well as digitalisaiton and the overall research quota have becoming increasingly important due to the coronavirus crisis. In this regard, Austria has been upgraded in the mix of favourable business location factors. …
Austria's Advantages
23 September 2020
Dr. Andreas Goppelt

Innovations from Vienna are a Growth Driver

Multinational companies invest € 2 billion in research in Austria every year. Many of the subsidiaries based in Austria carry out research and development activities in the Alpine Republic. Our company also does so. Ottobock has been operating in Austria for more than 50 years.
Research and Development Austria's Advantages
26 August 2020
DNA Strang

The Austrian life sciences sector on the upswing - Life sciences as lifesaver and employer in Austria

For years, the life sciences sector in Austria has served as a lifesaver, employer and a significant factor in the Austrian economy. However, the importance of the sector has definitely come to the fore as a result of the current coronavirus pandemic.
Research and Development Innovation and Digitalisation Life Sciences
22 July 2020
Cashless payments. Increasing Trend in Austria.

“Cash or card?” - Austria, the coronavirus pandemic and the increasing trend towards cashless payment.

The number of cashless transactions in Austria has been increasing for years. This upward trend once again experienced a tremendous boost due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Innovation and Digitalisation
19 July 2020
Logo xencio


Founded in 2015 in China, the FinTech company Xencio provides a software, which analysis cashflow with the help of artificial intelligence. The results should support small and medium sized businesses in making qualified decisions based on real-time data.
Success Stories
01 July 2020
Social Media

Concerning Facebook and LinkedIn: Austrian companies in the social media jungle

A growing number of companies are relying on social media to inform customers, open up new target groups and identify suitable employees. Firms are increasingly investing in Facebook and other social media as each year passes, However, at the same time the continuous further development and establishment of networks are also leading to uncertainties …
Innovation and Digitalisation
22 June 2020
ABF Pharmaceutical Services

ABF Pharmaceutical Services

Founded 2004 in Vienna, ABF recently expanded 2.5 times its recent capacity, due to higher demands within the international pharma and biotech sector. One of the reasons to do so and stay in Austria, was to secure a role as safe Heaven for possible issues occurring due to BREXIT.
Success Stories
22 June 2020
Logo Crayon

Crayon Austria GmbH

Crayon ranks among the leading software providers and licensing consultants on the Euroepan market. The Norwegian firm boasts extensive know-how in the fields of big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and employs more than 1,600 people in 45 subsidiaries across the globe.
Success Stories
22 June 2020


FAIRTIQ is an innovative Swiss startup located in Bern and Salzburg. Their goal is to make travelling by public transport as easy as possible. Before getting on any train, tram or bus the traveler can check in via an app and they check out again, whenever they have reached their destination. The app recognizes the route traveled via GPS and bills the …
Success Stories
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Medical University of Vienna and Vienna General Hospital: Expertise for lung transplants in cases of COVID-19

In May 2020, a team led by thoracic surgeon Konrad Hoetzenecker of the Department of Surgery of the Medical University of Vienna (MedUni Vienna) and Vienna General Hospital performed a lung transplant on a 44-year-old patient who had been seriously ill with COVID-19, making her the first patient in Europe to receive a lung transplant for this indication.

Shared Mobility in Austria!

"A green planet with mobility from everyone, for everyone" has continuously been the motto of GO Sharing.

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