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Austria – trailblazer in the eco-innovation and startup scene

Austria is positioning itself as a trailblazer in the eco-innovation and startup scene, showcasing impressive figures and success stories.

Austria can demonstrate its leading role in the field of green technologies thanks to a third-placed ranking in the Eco-Innovation Index of the European Commission and its being rated fifth among 166 OECD member states when it comes to achieving sustainability targets. The country is fertile ground for green technology companies and startups, not least because of its environmental cluster and a strong international orientation.  

A prime example is the Bosch hydrogen competence centre in Linz. In the coming years, Bosch will invest about € 18 million just in its Linz facility to expand the hydrogen infrastructure.  

Mer Austria GmbH, a subsidiary of the Norwegian energy company Statkraft, is expanding the sustainable quick charging infrastructure in Austria for electric-powered vehicles. Furthermore, the project implemented by Mer, which leverages the company’s innovative know-how in the field of smart charging and the electrification of company vehicle fleets, will contribute to the country’s transformation into the age of electric mobility. 

Furthermore, startups such as PackWall AT play a strong role in promoting the circular economy by offering innovative solutions for recycling and waste management. PackWall AT manufactures premium construction boards from recycled packaging materials.  

These examples highlight the growth of the energy and environmental technology sector in Austria. An impressive research landscape, funding programmes and the collaboration between startups, industry and research facilities comprise the cornerstones of this positive development.

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