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Quantum Technology in Austria: Top-Notch Innovation and Research

06. June 2024

Austria is strengthening its trailblazing role in quantum technologies thanks to key projects such as “OPEN QKD” and the development of tap-proof communications infrastructures. These initiatives led by the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology demonstrate Austria’s ambition to be at the forefront of global research.  

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology has established itself as a leading institution in European quantum research and plays a significant role in new developments. Named to lead projects carried out within the context of major European initiatives such as "OPEN QKD" and other key programmes, the AIT decisively contributes to developing a tap-proof quantum communications infrastructure. These efforts are designed to support the European Union’s vision of realising a secure quantum communications infrastructure (EuroQCI) ensuring the protection of critical infrastructures by the year 2027. 

AIT has carried out important research work in the field of quantum key distribution (QKD) and the development of affordable quantum applications based on miniaturised "System-on-Chip” (SoC) solutions. These technologies are crucial for establishing secure networks and protecting data traffic. Within the context of the QSAFE Study coordinated by Deutsche Telekom AG, the AIT is working on developing a blueprint for a European-wide Quantum Security Network and is evaluating the key physical pre-conditions for this architecture.  

At the same time, the Austrian Federal Government is supporting quantum research through the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) within the context of the Research and Technology Development (FTE) Initiative. This aims to strengthen Austrian competencies and capacities in quantum research and technology, deepen the involvement of Austrian players in European initiatives and intensify the cooperation of the scientific and business communities.  

These strategic efforts are positioning Austria as a leading research location for quantum technology and strengthens the international competitiveness of the country. In this way, Austria also reinforces its role as a preferred location for future-oriented companies which want to be innovative when it comes to quantum technology.   

A remarkable company in this field is ParityQC. The scaleup has shown a successful development and is not only financed by risk capital but operates sustainably thanks to the revenue it generates. A further outstanding company in quantum computing is qtlabs led by Prof. Ursin. The company set a world record in 2022 and is an important player in international quantum research.  

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