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Webinar on the FlexCo: The new legal form of business and its advantages

20. February 2024

The new legal form of business, the “flexible company” or FlexCo (Flexible Kapitalgesellschaft) took effect in Austria on 1 January 2024. It is specially tailored to the needs of startups.

ABA and the lawyer Philip Rosenauer explain the legal and tax aspects of the FlexCo and specific advantages for young companies within the context of a Webinar which took place at the beginning of February.  

The international interest was extensive, as demonstrated by the 180 people from ten different countries who registered to take part. Here you can access the recording of the Webinar. 

Startup Location Austria - Introducing the new FlexCo and its benefits - full version

Part 3: Tax aspects of the new employee participation scheme

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