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American research prize for Tyrolean quantum physicist

16. October 2022

The quantum physicist Hannes Pichler has been awarded a highly endowed research prize. Pichler has served as a professor of theoretical physics with a focus on quantum optics at the University of Innsbruck in Tyrol since June 2020 and a working group leader at the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information (IQOQI) in Innsbruck.

Together with Hannes Bernien (University of Chicago), Manuel Endres (California Institute of Technology), Adam Kaufman (University of Colorado), Kang-Kuen Ni (Harvard University) and Jeff Thompson (Princeton University), Hannes Pichler shares the prize for the development of optical tweezer arrays to realize control of individual atoms for applications in quantum information processing, metrology and molecular physics.”

Pichler will be awarded a New Horizons Prize in Physics at the Breakthrough Prize Awards Ceremony. The award endowed to the amount of $ 100,000 is given to early-career scientists who have already made a significant impact on their field. Pichler is conducting research in the fields of quantum optics, quantum information processing and quantum many-body physics.

The Breakthrough Prize has been granted annually since 2012 in the fields of life sciences, physics and mathematics and is the most highly endowed scientific prize in the world. In addition to the main prizes, the foundation established by Internet pioneers led by Mark Zuckerberg also grants a series of prizes to young scientists.

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