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  • Establishment, law & taxes

OPEN CALL - apply now until May 3 for the new aws First International Incubator

aws First International Incubator offers international founders and founding teams support in establishing their start-up in Austria:

  • Financial support: grants for personnel, project, travel and rental costs.
  • Project-specific mentoring and coaching
  • Trainings for further developing the idea & the business model
  • Workshops on founding a start-up in Austria
  • Numerous events, aws First community, expert network, get togethers, and much more
  • Duration of the support program: 6 months

Target group consists of innovative start-up projects with 1 - 4 persons (18 years and older), international founders, international founding teams and students

Module A: Natural persons who have not yet founded a company with the project and have not yet generated any revenue

Module B: Legal entities, partnerships and sole proprietorships (founded max. 6 months ago, net sales up to max. EUR 10,000)


  • You can find more info on sepcial terms and conditions here 
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