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The City of Vienna remains an attractive location for companies

The City of Vienna registered 237 business location projects of international companies in the year 2022, comprising a rise of 5% from the prior-year level. Above all, Austria’s capital city stands out for foreign companies thanks to its personal safety, a stable economic environment and well trained, skilled workers.

The outstanding results when it comes to international investments increases value creation and jobs. In 2022, the new company in Vienna generated about € 110 million in investments and created far more than 1,100 new jobs.

Vienna is increasingly attractive for Eastern European countries. Accordingly, companies from the Czech Republic (11 firms), Slovakia (10), Bulgaria (4), Hungary (10), Romania (3), Iran (7) and Ukraine (12) set up business operations in Vienna. Germany remained the top nation of origin for business location projects, followed by Switzerland (18), Italy (10) and the USA (16). Chinese companies also valued Vienna, with a total of eight companies investing in the city.

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