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Practical solutions in the “Competence Center for Digital Production”

The "Austrian Competence Center for Digital Production (ACDP)" considers itself to be an interdisciplinary service provider in the field of research and development and presented the range of its activities at its kick-off event.

Successful in the fight against cancer

“The mortality rate from cancer in Salzburg is significantly below the Austrian average”, says Richard Greil, Head of the University Clinic for Internal Medicine in Salzburg.

Nutrition tracking via automatic image recognition

By means of automatic image recognition, the Austrian App snics simplifies nutrition tracking.

Austria = rich in patents

Patent applications submitted by Austrians rose last year by more than 8 percent to a new record level.

DB SCHENKER builds state-of-the-art logistics center in Tyrol and invests EUR 33 million

The German logistics company DB Schenker is investing EUR 33 million in a new, sustainable logistics center in Austria.

Austrian Government makes the business location a top priority

The Austrian Federal Government has committed itself towards safeguarding Austria’s position as a competitive business location as the pre-requisite for growth and employment.

Austrian Space Forum carried out Mars simulation in Oman

The Austrian Space Forum (ÖWF) started its 12th Mars simulation in the Shofar Desert of Oman with the Landing day.

Viennese physicist developed new measurement methods for 2D materials

Physicists at the Vienna University of Technology have developed a new method to precisely measure the internal stresses and strains of two-dimensional materials.

Supermicrosurgery helps to combat lymphoedema after tumor removal

Lymphoedema is fluid retention in the tissue caused by damage to the lymphatic system and is one of the most serious side-effects of cancer operations.

BMW continues to invest in its Austrian facility

Every second vehicle delivered around the world by the BMW Group is equipped with an engine from the Upper Austrian BMW plant in Steyr.

Austria promotes quantum computer spin-off

Austria is making EUR 10 million in funding available from the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research and the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs as well as the National Foundation for Research for the quantum computer spin-off Alpine Quantum Technologies GmbH (AQT).

ABA achieves new all-time high with 344 international business location projects

Germany once again number one followed by Italy, Switzerland and Slovenia – Higher volume of investments and new jobs.

Jaguar E-Pace rolls off the assembly lines in Austria

The new Jaguar SUV named E-Pace is being manufactured by Magna in Graz, the second vehicle of the British producer to be assembled in Austria.

Lab for Digital Transformation

“Enormous new opportunities and possibilities require additional rules”, said Rector Meinhard Lukas of Johannes Kepler University Linz.

Customized cancer therapy

The Center for Precision Medicine is scheduled to open at Vienna’s General Hospital in the year 2022. But even today speedy and positive developments are being registered in the field of cancer therapy.

Austria above EU average with respect to robot density

The number of robots used for industrial purposes is steadily increasing. In the meantime, this figure now equals 144 robots for every 10,000 employees in Austria, according to the International Federation of Robotics (IFR).

Chinese satellite launched into space with a magnetometer from Austria

In February, the China Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite (CSES) will be launched into space from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the Gobi Desert.

Silicon Valley runs on Austrian technology

The Austrian drive manufacturer Traktionssysteme Austria (TSA) is equipping a rapid transit railway for employees of Google, Facebook & Co. in California’s high-tech center with new engines.

Innovative chemistry for the world comes from Linz

ESIM Chemicals is a highly specialized company operating in the field of fine chemistry.

Endowed professor for data intelligence at the Vienna University of Technology

The data scientist Prof. Allan George Hanbury will assume the newly-created position of endowed professor for data intelligence at the Vienna University of Technology.

Specialization of Austria’s top companies in demand

The high level of specialization on the part of Austria’s top companies is an important factor in M&A activities from Asia.

Fresh capital injection for the Viennese HR startups JobRocker and firstbird

The Viennese human resources startup JobRocker and firstbird both received a fresh injection of capital.

Gallup relocates headquarters from Zurich to Vienna

Gallup International Association, which internationally coordinates the 60 market and opinion research institutes operating in 76 countries, is relocating its headquarters from Zurich to Vienna.

LifeNet Health opens European headquarters in Vienna

The non-profit American transplant medical company LifeNet Health opened up its European headquarters in Vienna.

Austria ranked 20th for global talents

In the “Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2018“, Austria was ranked in the top 20 among 119 nations included in the study with respect to the global competition for the best talents.

Great Wall Motors is building a research center in Austria

The Chinese automobile producer Great Wall Motors is relying on its Austrian business location as part of its global expansion efforts.

Austria’s export economy will surpass EUR 150 billion threshold in 2018

The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber came to a gratifying conclusion with respect to the development of Austria’s foreign trade.

Peter Zoller given the U.S. Lamb Award

The quantum physics pioneer and visionary Peter Zoller was presented with the 2018 Willis Lamb Award for Laser Physics and Quantum Optics in the USA.

Lukoil invests in its Vienna hub for foreign business

The Russian oil and gas company Lukoil is strengthening its foreign business bundled in Vienna thanks to a capital injection of EUR 6.2 billion in its subsidiary Lukoil International GmbH headquartered in Vienna.

Biocrates acquires Metanomics

At the beginning of January, Biocrates Life Sciences AG announced the acquisition of the Berlin-based firm Metanomics Health GmbH and the conclusion of a round of financing.

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