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News from the business location Austria

Less gold is sometimes better

Using an ultra-thin gold layer, scientists at the Vienna University of Technology succeeded in creating an almost optimal infrared absorber.

Biobank Graz builds up a collection of COVID-19 samples

The Biobank of the Medical University of Graz is building up a collection of COVID-19 samples in order to further develop testing procedures and also conduct research into prognosis markers for the progression of the disease.

New Christian Doppler laboratory conducts research into children‘s cancer

A new Christian Doppler (CD) laboratory at the St. Anna Children's Cancer Research Institute in Vienna is dedicating its work to so-called CAR-T cell therapy.

Best marks for Austrian universities of applied sciences

The annual ranking of the German Center for University Development compares conditions for studying, teaching, research and the assessment of students.

Funding for companies to accelerate digitalisation

Austria will support small and medium-sized enterprises in further expanding their level of digitalisation by providing funding of EUR 8 million.

Greenest city in the world: #1 VIENNA, AUSTRIA

Vienna placed first in the latest ranking of the “World’s Greenest Cities”.

24 coronavirus projects for vaccines and therapeutics

The Austrian Federal Government has now made an additional EUR 26 million available within the context of its “Corona Emergency Call".

Hamburg-based GPA Group uses COVID-19 test from Graz

The classic food laboratory is additionally approved as a medical laboratory under the supervision of a specialist.

65 percent will continue to invest in startups in 2020

A survey of about 300 private investors from Austria carried out by the investor network Prime Crowd concludes that 65 percent would still like to invest in startups this year in spite of the coronavirus crisis.

Austria will serve as the European headquarters of MSE Group, Medvision

The MSE Group, Medvision – the specialist for medical simulations – will coordinate its European business operations in the future from its headquarters in Austria and has developed a rapid COVID-19 test.

BioneXt LAB and Medicus AI launch monitoring app

The free support and monitoring app was developed in rapid response to the ongoing global outbreak and spread of COVID-19.

Peptide FX06 identified in Vienna could save the lives of COVID-19 patients

The development of active substances to combat COVID-19 is based on existing active substances in order to achieve success more quickly.

EUR 150 million to rescue startups

Margarete Schramböck, Federal Minister for Digital and Economic Affairs, and Leonore Gewessler, Federal Minister for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology presented an aid package designed to support startups in mastering the coronavirus crisis.

Useful Information on the Coronavirus

How can I protect my employees from the coronavirus? As a company, what can I do to prevent the spread of the coronavirus? How can I apply for short-time work for my employees? These and many other questions have arisen since the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis.

Chatbot “Mona” as a central infopoint for companies

The new chatbot "Mona" on the Business Service Portal (Unternehmensserviceportal - USP) covers all relevant issues for companies relating to the coronavirus crisis and the economy.

Up to 500,000 protective masks "Made in Austria" per day

The number of people infected with the coronavirus across the globe is rising.

COVID-19: Austrian life sciences companies carry out intensive research

Austrian companies are conducting extensive research and development work related to the COVID-19 virus, from a quick test to active substances. Here you will find a small selection of important projects. LISAvienna has compiled additional information.

Protection through the deployment of drones

Consensium, a merger of the Lower Austrian company Smart Digital and Atos IT Solutions und Services GmbH, the Austrian subsidiary of Atos, is now supporting the fight against the coronavirus with automated processes, artificial intelligence, blockchain and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV i.e. drones).

Hack the Crisis

At the hackathon Hack the Crisis, startups searched for solutions for problems caused by the coronavirus crisis. About 500 participants

Digital insurance manager CLARK is live in Austria

Customers can digitally manage their insurance policies per App or computer effective immediately, and also receive advice from insurance experts at the same time.

Infineon manufactures chips for ventilators mainly in Austria

The German chip manufacturer Infineon will supply 38 million chips for ventilators in the fight against the coronavirus.

“Corona: Short-Time Work“

Short-time work is possible for companies regardless of their size and the respective sector in which they operate (with the exception of federal and provincial governments, municipalities, legal persons under public law and political parties).

€ 38 Billion Economic Aid Package in Detail

On March 26, the Austrian Federal Government presented details of the previously announced aid package for the Austrian economy. Since March 27, 5 p.m. self-employed persons and small businesses can submit applications for up to € 6,000 in emergency aid. The Emergency Fund will grant loans which do not have to be entirely paid back.

The Port of Vienna Continues to Operate Despite the Coronavirus

In its role as the most important logistics centre, infrastructure and supply company for the City of Vienna, the Port of Vienna is continuing full operations despite the measures being implemented to contain the coronavirus.

Coronavirus: Government Commits € 23 Million to Fund Drug Research

The Austrian Federal Government is making € 23 million in funding available for drug research to fight the coronavirus. The financial support primarily targets projects designed to conduct research into the effectiveness of existing drugs as a means of combatting the coronavirus. The additional funding is designed to accelerate the required clinical studies.

€ 38 billion aid package for the Austrian economy

The Austrian Federal Government announced a € 38 billion aid package for the national economy. Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler emphasized the very foundation upon which many companies operate no longer exists. That is why the government will do “everything that is humanly possible” to prevent mass unemployment.

Legal and tax questions related to COVID-19: Government Aid for Companies

The current restrictions by the Austrian government for combating the COVID-19-pandemic lead to several complex legal and tax questions. Deloitte advisors respectively Jank Weiler Operenyi / Deloitte Legal advisors inform you about possible legal and tax implications and developments.

Europe’s most advanced BioLife Plasma Centre opens in Vienna

Europe’s most modern BioLife Plasma Centre opened in Europe.

Fresh funding for startups

Startups in the fields of FinTech, deep tech (university spin-offs), digital marketplaces, Industry 4.0, digital health and consumer tech can look forward to an injection of fresh funding.

Google prize for Tyrolean quantum physicist

The Tyrolean physicist Wolfgang Lechner has been granted a Google Faculty Research Award in the category Quantum Computing.

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