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News from the business location Austria

SAP Innovation Award 2022 granted to a software for energy communities

Each year SAP honours innovative software solutions through its renowned SAP Innovation Award. This year’s winners from the energy sector not only include the major players such as Netze BW GmbH, Avangrid, Engie and Bbox, but also a consortium in the DACH region which is pressing ahead with the energy transition on the basis of energy communities. It consists of the Swiss software producer Exnaton, the German SAP integrator best practice consulting and the Austrian utility Energie Burgenland.

EREMA is growing thanks to a new R&D centre

The plastics recycling specialist EREMA is investing in a new R&D centre in Upper Austria. It will build two halls covering an area of 1,550 square metres as well as a new office building with 50 workplaces. The R&D centre will bundle the cross-departmental and cross-company testing machines and laboratory area for research and development into plastics recycling technologies as a means of further advancing the circular economy. Completion of the new R&D hub is scheduled for February 2023.

Investment-friendly Austrian women

Austrian women are the most willing to invest in all of Europe. According to the latest European-wide survey conducted by the research institute Sapio on behalf of the mobile bank N26, Austrian women invest an average of € 999 per month, putting them at the top of the European ranking.

Top-notch business location success for Vienna

In spite of the coronavirus crisis, a total of 221 foreign companies located operations in Vienna. This is the second-best business location track record in the recent past of Austria’s capital city. Investments totalled € 442 million, two-thirds higher than the comparable figure for 2020.

Three highly endowed ERC Advanced Grants

Photo from l. to r.: The theoretical physicist Hans Briegel, the biochemist Kathrin Thedieck and the experimental physicist Francesca Ferlaino from the University of Innsbruck each received multi-million ERC Advanced Grants.

New autonomy cluster

The multinational companies Ammann, Palfinger, Prinoth, Rosenbauer and TTControl are collaborating effective immediately within the context of the newly initiated Autonomous Operation Cluster (AOC). This cross-industry initiative aims to ensure the increased automation of construction machinery, cranes, fire-fighting equipment and snow groomers. The use of mobile machines and off-highway applications will become more intuitive and efficient in the future.

The solved platinum riddle

At the Vienna University of Technology, researchers succeeded in explaining how a chemical reaction takes place which, according to a traditional point of view, should not be possible at the observed temperatures.

Mini solar cells for nerve stimulation

An international research team has successfully developed a concept in which nerves are stimulated with light pulses. The technology enables completely new types of implants that can be used to stimulate nerve cells.

GREEN.IP for startups & SMEs

Innovation plays a crucial role when it comes to environmental and climate protection.

Launch of life sciences funding package

A new investment package for Austria as a pharmaceutical location has been launched.

New cybersecurity funding for SMEs

A new cybersecurity funding programme is in existence in Austria since 1 April 2022.

Fresh funding for Coinpanion

The startup Coinpanion, established in Vienna in 2019, is pleased to have received yet another round of funding amounting to millions of euros.

More support for new companies

Austria is now making it easier and less expensive to set up new companies. The so-called New Companies Promotion Act (NeuFöG) for new company founders provides relief.

ERC grant for Marcus Huber

Marcus Huber finds new ways to link very different areas of physics such as quantum theory, complexity and thermodynamics. Quantum physics works very well, as long as you only want to explain small systems that consist of just a few particles. In contrast, large things are normally described using the laws of classical physics. But what happens when a quantum system (such as an atom) comes into contact with something large, such as a measuring device? This is one of the most puzzling questions in physics, to which no truly satisfactory answer has been found to date.

First programmable quantum sensor

Physicists led by Peter Zoller and Thomas Monz at the University of Innsbruck have designed the first programmable quantum sensor and tested it in the laboratory. To do so they applied techniques from quantum information processing to a measurement problem. The innovative method opens up new prospects for quantum sensors whose precision will be close to the limit set by the laws of nature.

Speed limit for computers detected

The maximum speed of signal transmission in microchips is about one petahertz (one million gigahertz), which is about 100,000 times faster than current transistors.

High-speed broadband Internet on the advance

Austria continues to promote the expansion of broadband services. At present, the second “broadband billion” is now available. Elisabeth Köstinger, Federal Minister of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism with responsibility for the field of telecommunications, released the first tranche of € 600 million from the total funding of € 1.4 billion.

Italian startup ready for the Austrian market

The Italian startup Viceversa is ready to make the leap into the Austrian market.

Billion euros in investments by Boehringer Ingelheim

The pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim will build a new plant in Bruck an der Leitha, Lower Austria. About € 1.2 billion will be invested in the production facility, creating more than 800 jobs. Austria beat out sites in the USA, Germany and Spain. In October 2021, the company already concluded the largest single investment in its history, opening a state-of-the-art plant in Vienna designed to manufacture biopharmaceutical substances.

New centre for cutting-edge research

A new player has emerged in the Austrian research landscape.

On the path towards a robust laser

In materials research, considerable progress is made by exploiting insights from the field of topology, whose role has also become increasingly important in physics in recent years.

Top ranking for a young university

The Medical University of Graz founded in 2004 has succeeded in gaining a top ranking and was rated among the 20 best young universities in the world.

CURSOR establishes a subsidiary in Austria

CURSOR has further expanded its sales activities in the DACH region by founding a subsidiary in Austria.

Berlin-based e-bike subscription servicer launches operations in Vienna

The e-bike subscription service company Dance has added Vienna to the cities in which it operates.

Hormone replacement therapy slows down the cellular ageing process

A research group at the University of Innsbruck has shown that combined hormone replacement therapy for women carried out after their menopause slows down epithelial cell aging.

New AI sensor technology for autonomous driving

In order for driving assistance and safety systems in modern cars to perceive their environment and function reliably, they rely on sensors such as cameras, ultrasound and radar.

Graz-based startup Invenium cooperates with Telefónica Germany

At the beginning of 2022 Invenium Data Insights succeeded in actively entering yet another market thanks to its partnership with Telefónica Germany.

Infracapital invests in the Austrian fibre optic network

Infracapital is introducing a new fibre optic platform for Austria.

Berliner fintech startup gets going in Austria

The company credit card startup pliant is expanding to Austria, the first foreign market for the Berlin-based fintech company.

Atos Austria invests € 7 million

The technology company Atos Austria is relocating its head office to the IZD Tower in Vienna and investing about 7 million in the design of its new corporate headquarters.

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