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University of Innsbruck and Blue Danube Robotics Win Houska Award 2019

The Houska Award is Austria’s largest private research award for applied research. Since it was initiated, it has become a permanent fixture in the country’s research landscape.

UltimateGaN: Energy-saving chip from a new material as a catalyst for renewable energy

The European research project UltimateGaN (Research for GaN technologies, devices and applications to address the challenges of the futureGaN roadmap) was launched under the leadership of Infineon Austria.

Two Austrians admitted to the US National Academy of Sciences (NAS)

The quantum physicist Rainer Blatt and the molecular biologist Rudolf Zechner were admitted to the United States National Academy of Sciences (NAS).

Austria ranked sixth in the EU for patent applications

Last year Austrian companies registered a total of 11,227 patents around the world.

12th Pioneers Conference 2019: Deep Tech and Storyball

In May 2019, Vienna’s Hofburg Palace was once again the venue for the Pioneers Conference, serving as a meeting place for the Austrian and European startup scene.

University of Innsbruck: Quantum cloud computing with a self-test

Thanks to a quantum co-processor in the cloud, physicists in Innsbruck flung a door wide open to deal with problems in the fields of chemistry, materials research and high-energy physics which were virtually impossible to solve in the past.

Austria: Reduction of corporate income tax

The planned tax reform to be implemented by the Austrian Federal Government represents an important step towards specifically relieving the burden on companies as well.

University of Innsbruck: New LED phosphor saves energy

The human eye is particularly sensitive to green, but less sensitive to blue and red.

Vienna University of Technology: Light from exotic particle states

A new type of light-emitting diode has been developed at the Vienna University of Technology.

Position paper of the Federation of Austrian Industries on Research Location Austria

The Federation of Austrian Industries presented its position paper in April on a strong and future-oriented RTI business location of Austria called “Research. Technology. Industry - Solutions for Our Society and Future”.

5G testing laboratory of A1 in the Lakeside Science & Technology Park Carinthia

A1, Austria’s largest communications provider, and the Carinthian investment promotion agency BABEG are jointly constructing the “5G Playground Carinthia” at the Lakeside Science & Technology Park.

Forecast for 2019: 4.5 percent rise in R&D expenditures in Austria, multinational spending up four percent

According to a forecast published by Statistics Austria, about EUR 12.8 billion will be spent on research and development (R&D) In Austria in the year 2019.

Fintech N26 back in Vienna with a new innovation centre

Six years ago, the Austrians Valentin Stalf and Maximilian Tayenthal relocated the founding of their financial startup N26 to Berlin.

Lufthansa Aviation Training expands Viennese training facility

Lufthansa Aviation Training (LAT) is investing a total of EUR 89 million this year in the field of pilot training for numerous training devices as well as in the infrastructure of its own sites in order to fulfil high customer demand.

UpNano: Winner of #glaubandich-Challenge 2019

At the “4GameChangers Festival” in Vienna in April, the startup UpNano was selected as the overall winner of the “#glaubandich-Challenge 2019” (believe in yourself challenge) sponsored by Erste Bank und Sparkassen and was thus also named the “Startup of the Year”.

Hanomag locates in Business Park Innviertel

The German company Hanomag is establishing a new production facility in Business Park Innviertel (district association of Schärding, Upper Austria).

University of Innsbruck: “Game of Thrones“ as a mirror of our society

A medieval setting, dragons, magic, intrigue and epic battles: “Game of Thrones”, one of the most widely-discussed television series in recent years, is starting its last season in the USA.

Infineon Austria/DICE: Expansion of the Linz development facility

The official ground-breaking ceremony took place for the new facility of Infineon Austria’s affiliated company Danube Integrated Circuit Engineering (DICE) which is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2020.

Austria: First State Prize for Digitisation given to Hydrogrid, Cubes and Salzburger Land

In April, Federal Minister for Digital and Economic Affairs Margarete Schramböck awarded the State Prize for Digitisation in Austria for the very first time.

Autonomous air taxi EHang 216 in Viennese airspace for the first time

The autonomous “air taxi” EHang 216 was presented to the media flying in the Vienna Generali Arena for the first time and was also exhibited at the “4Gamechangers" Festival in Vienna in April.

Maximize profitability with Vertec

After establishing a subsidiary in Austria in the beginning of 2019, the Swiss software specialist Vertec now operates in the entire DACH region.

Macro Array Diagnostics develops revolutionary allergy test

The Viennese MedTech startup Macro Array Diagnostics can identify almost all relevant allergens with one single laboratory test.

Fresh money for good ideas

The EY Start-up Barometer underlines the dynamic development of the Austrian startup scene, also in the previous year.

Wefox invests in Austria

The Berlin insurance startup Wefox has been actively operating in Austria since 2017.

Google Austria launches “Market Finder”

Austria is the fourth country in the world where the search engine Google is launching its “Market Finder” tool.

Innovation hub for CEE: Official opening of Talent Garden Vienna

The Italian coworking provider Talent Garden officially opened its location in Vienna at the end of March.

Refurbed: Skype founder Zennström acquires stake in a Viennese startup

The Viennese tech startup Refurbed is getting a financial injection of more than EUR 2 million close to wo years after its founding.

NimbleFins: Austria is a good base for startups

The private British financing site NimbleFins identified the European countries offering the best environment for startups.

Vienna University of Technology: From outer space to the Earth without a parachute

An ambitious rocket project featuring the participation of the TU Wien Space Team was successful.

Startup Report 2018 presented: Successful funding year for Austrian startups

The Austrian startup scene is continuing its financing boom.

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