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News from the business location Austria

Novartis extends penicillin production in Tyrol

The Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis decides on location Austria and invests 2.5 Billion EURO into penicillin production.

Coface Country Risk Assessment: Austria remains stable

Coface, a globally operating credit insurer, has adjustments its ratings in the light of the COVID-19 situation. Austrian remains stable.

With the force of a photon

Quantum physics has been a fascinating topic for physicists since its discovery. There are new breakthroughs at the Academy of Sciences.

Cancer research: Viennese startup breaks new ground in drug research

The Viennese startup QUANTRO Therapeutics is developing new substances to treat cancer with the help of innovative technologies.

contextflow: New software and radiology against the coronavirus

The Viennese startup Contextflow develops software for the fight against COVID-19, which analyses and identifies disease patterns.

Researchers from Upper Austria revolutionise batteries

Researchers from Upper Austria developed new methods to accelerate the charging of lithium-ion batteries and reduce production costs.

More companies locate business operations in Austria

Significant year-on-year increase in the number of companies consulted by Austrian Business Agency in locating in Austria.

462 new, international companies. ABA – Invest in Austria looks back on a very successful year.

In 2019 ABA – Invest in Austria supported 462 international companies in setting up their business in Austria – compared to 2018 this shows an increase of 30 % and lead to nearly 5000 newly-created jobs.

Top Score for Lockdown – Austria convinces in current Deloitte entrepreneur survey with well thought out Covid-19 measures

Austria convinces in current Deloitte survey and gets top score for well thought out Covid-19 measures.

Austrian federal government launches an economic stimulus package

A top priority is to create investment incentives and measures to relieve the burden on companies.

Gree GmbH launches business operations in Austria

GREE GmbH serves as the Austrian general distributor of Gree Electric Appliances Inc., one of China’s largest manufacturers of electrical devices. Effective immediately, the company is exclusively responsible for the entire Austrian market.

Etihad Airways uses coronarvirus risk tool from the Viennese startup Medicus AI

A risk assessment tool developed by the Viennese medical technology startup Medicus AI is now being used within the context of a partnership with the airline Etihad Airways. 22 questions should be answered by passengers of the airline Etihad Airways from the United Arab Emirates before they begin their journeys.

The World Economic Forum includes AQT in its list of Technology Pioneers 2020

The World Economic Forum included the Innsbruck-based quantum computer spin-off Alpine Quantum Technologies (AQT) in its list of Technology Pioneers 2020. With its approach, the company’s team succeeded in being part of the group of 100 mostly young companies from across the globe which are considered to be “technology pioneers”.

Managing the crisis quite well

A study carried out by the British research group Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) compared the reactions of 21 OECD member states in light of the challenges posed by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Austria is rated second in the EIU index behind New Zealand.

Austria climbs to eighth place in the EU’s innovation ranking

The "European Innovation Scoreboard" is a benchmark instrument on innovation development in the EU member states. Austria climbed in the current EU ranking presented at the end of June from nine to eighth place and is above the EU average.

Above-average labour productivity

The productivity per working hour in Austria is above average. Austria is rated fifth among all EU member states in terms of the productivity projections of the EU Commission, surpassed only by Ireland, Luxembourg, Belgium and Denmark.

Austria registers more patents than ever before

Austrian companies and researchers registered 2.341 new patents at the European Patent Office (EPO) in 2019. Over the last five years the number of Austrian patent applications increased consistently.

270 companies participated in “ABA’s Virtual Open Day”

ABA's Virtual Open Day was held on 28 May 2020. The Austrian market and other details were explained to 270 participating companies.

Startup shows travel possibilities after COVID-19

Where can yout travel to, under which conditions and which quarantine - and entry- regulations do apply for which country? This startup shows possible travel options in times of Covid-19.

Austrian role in developing the “retina“ of the ELT

The Extremely Large Telescope of ESO is currently being built in the Atacama Desert. Austrian universities are involved in the development work.

Additional measures to support companies during the crisis

An investment subsidy of 14 percent will be granted to companies investing over the next six months.

Tripadvisor acquires Austrian startup Delinski

TheFork, a company owned by TripAdvisor, has acquired the Austrian startup Delinski specialising in restaurant bookings.

Business Location Austria on the fast track

Competitiveness: In a comparison of 63 countries, Austria moved up three notches, from 19th to 16th place, thus overtaking Germany.

Bosch continues its strong commitment to Austria

In 2019 Bosch made considerable investments of capital and human resources at its Austrian sites. It is attaching particular emphasis on R&D.

Novartis opens global production facility for innovative retina drug in Tyrol

Starting in 2021, Novartis will exclusively produce a new retina drug at its Tyrolean plant in Kundl, designed to combat wet age-related macular degeneration.

Alpine Quantum Technologies: World Economic Forum Honours Tyrolean Quantum Specialists

The company AQT was hounored as one of the "Technology Pionieers" by the World Economics Forum.

VIRTUAL Startup Catapult

Advantage Austria UK is organising a virtual Startup Catapult London this year, in which important tips for startups are presented.

“Thinness” gene stimulates fat burning

Scientists at the Austrian Institute for Molecular Biotechnology could prove that a gene mutation makes people slim.

Careforce Sanvartis launches business operations in Austria

Careforce Sanvartis, a company specialising in sales and communications in the healthcare sector, has opened a new subsidiary in Austria.

Apeiron tests effectiveness of APN01 on COVID-19 patients

Apeiron continues to work feverishly on medicines and treatment for COVID-19. One candidate on trial is APN01.

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