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News from the business location Austria

Corona support measures for the economy!

All current measures for the lockdown starting November 22, 2021.

The economy is buzzing, and exports are flourishing

The latest Report for Eastern Europe issued by the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw) forecasts extensive GDP growth for Central and Eastern Europe.

Success of an indoor ski training startup

Snow51 – a startup based in Tyrol and Shanghai which specialises in indoor ski training on the basis of carpet simulators, has won the first “Andorra Sports Start-up Challenge.”

Milk power based on the membrane technology

The sales market for milk proteins is growing around the world. Beverages and foods with a high level of protein are fashionable at present.

Shark antibodies in the fight against cancer

Artificially generated antibodies are being used in the fight against cancer, autoimmune diseases or SARS-CoV-2.

EU project aims to identify and remove contaminants

Researchers at the Vienna University of Technology are currently working together with a European consortium to remove contaminants from the soil, surface water and groundwater.

RecycleMe expands to Austria

Following the launch of the German firm RecycleMe GmbH, the consulting company is also operating from its site in Vienna, effective immediately.

New cargo airline takes off

The newly founded cargo airline DHL Air Austria belonging to the globally leading express service provider DHL Express successfully completed its inauguration flight.

Successful operation with high-tech robot

At the Medical University of Vienna and Vienna General Hospital’s Department of Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases, one of the world's first operations was successfully performed using a new robotic technology. During the cochlear implant operation, the high-tech device achieved fully automatic and precise access to the inner ears in a minimally invasive manner based on a feed of accurate data. This high degree of automation and highly precise navigation offer a glimpse into the future of robot-assisted surgery.

Superconductivity: New tricks for better materials

Nickelates are considered to be a promising material for future superconductivity technologies. For the first time, scientists at the Vienna University of Technology succeeded in precisely explaining their electronic structure. The so-called layered nickelates was discovered two years ago as a new class of promising superconductors.

Progress in digital pathology

The IT company AKQUINET and the Medical University of Graz have jointly created the first technical and organisational foundations for digital pathology. The underlying objective is to actively support the process of data enhancement and data transfer as well as to ensure data retention and long-term storage.

New development centre for the electrification of lorries

The German company pepper motion GmbH has founded a subsidiary in Austria. pepper motion Austria led by the two managing directors Manfred Heidegger and Andreas Hager will become a new development centre for innovative electrification projects for the commercial vehicle sector.

CFOs look to the future with optimism

The chief financial officers (CFOs) of Austrian companies are more optimistic about the future now than in the spring of 2021. According to the latest survey conducted out by the consulting company Deloitte, more than half the CFOs (52 percent) are convinced that the situation will further improve.

Life sciences sector on the upswing

The life sciences sector developed very positively in Austria, also during the coronavirus pandemic. The latest Life Science Report Austria 2021 concludes that close to 60,440 people working in 982 companies generate revenue of € 25.1 billion, corresponding to a revenue increase of about twelve percent within just three years.

NTT invests in the Vienna business location

The data centre operator NTT Ltd. has already been relying on the Austrian business location since 2015 and is now expanding its existing facility in Vienna.

Austrian lead project develops sensory organ for safe driving in the future

Under the coordination of Infineon Austria, eleven partners from industry and science are pooling their know-how and expertise for the mobility of the future, the reliability and safety of independently operating vehicles in the project “iLIDS4SAM“.

Cyber-physical systems: Collaboration of Virtual Vehicle and Silicon Austria Labs

Virtual Vehicle and Silicon Austria Labs (SAL are now pooling their expertise in order to accelerate cooperative and industry-driven applied research “Cyber Physical Systems” (CPS).

AVL and MSC Software cooperate in the field of automated driving

The Austrian company AVL List and MSC Software entered into a partnership in 2019 for simulation and testing in the field of automated driving. With the help of scenario-based development and validation methods, highly automated vehicle systems at an SAE Level 4 and 5 will be simulated and tested.

AI as the basis for autonomous driving

Deep learning is being applied by Google, Apple and Audi. The underlying basis is the Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) technology which Sepp Hochreiter developed. In 2019 he obtained € 25 million from the Dutch map service Here (or its foundation) in order to establish and develop the new “Institute of Advanced Research in Artificial Intelligence” (IARAI). This map service is designed to be a viable alternative for Europeans to Google Maps and is considered to be an important building block in the navigation of self-driving vehicles.

“The Autonomous” conference in Vienna

TTTech has emerged as one of the most important companies in the field of self-driving cars, espe-cially by developing the safety software platform MotionWise. As member of The Autonomous they were key organizers of the conference in Vienna’s Hofburg Palace in September 2021. The aim is to jointly develop a system architecture for self-driving vehicles.

Control units for autonomous driving

ZKW and two partners share the goal of creating a high-performing control unit with ultra-fast interfaces for the purpose of controlling future vehicle sensors and actuators. People and objects will be recognised by means of a sophisticated technology. In turn, this comprises a step towards enhanced traffic safety in that people or obstacles on the road can be detected in a timely manner.

Amazon relies on research from Austria for its delivery drones

The Austrian aerospace industrial group FACC will serve as a supplier for Amazon. The autonomous aerial vehicle EHang 216, an autonomous air taxi manufactured by FACC, is part of a comprehensive testing programme and has already concluded successful test flights since 2020.

Blockchain technology for the benefit of art

Non-fungible tokens, in short NFTs, offer new business potential for artists and creative minds.

New research findings on energy conversion in cells

Cells require energy in order to fulfil their many tasks. In the cell’s power plants, known as mitochondria, the energy contained in our food is converted into the molecule ATP.

SAL intensifies 6G research

Digitalisation is fundamentally changing manufacturing industry.

Boehringer Ingelheim opens new biopharmaceutical facility in Vienna

After four years of construction work and an investment volume exceeding € 700 million, Boehringer Ingelheim opened a new biopharmaceutical production plant in Vienna.

Autonomous model cars: Grand Prix victory for the Vienna University of Technology

Totally autonomous model cars competed against each other in the F1TENTH Autonomous Grand Prix in Prague.

Austria stands out due to its tax incentives for research

You want to know why companies such as Infineon, Siemens and Bosch have been carrying out research in Austria for decades? Contact us.

Virtual vehicle: Graz-based researchers in the pole position for robot cars and software

Researchers at the Institute for Control and Automation Technology at the Graz University of Technology and the Virtual Vehicle Research Centre work together with postdocs, PhD students and students on the vision of autonomous, intelligent driving. Since 2019, the Autonomous Racing Team (ARG) has taken part in the international racing series ROBORACE for self-driving vehicle software. The computer controlled Roborace racing car Robocar, which operates at a speed of up to 282 km/h, is the fastest self-driving car in the world.

Controlling by thoughts

So-called brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) are designed to give paraplegic people back some freedom of movement and thus a better quality of life.

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