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Octapharma expands research facility in Vienna

Vienna and Octapharma are closely linked, thanks to a 33-year success story with the world’s largest manufacturer of drugs made from human plasma. The number of employees in Austria will increase to 1,000 highly qualified people by the end of this year.  

The focus of the family-owned company operating on a global scale is the production of efficient and safe pharmaceuticals for therapeutic purposes in treating illnesses ind the fields of hematology (blood diseases), immunology (diseases of the immune system) and intensive care.

The company with a global staff of 6,213 employees in 32 countries generated record revenues of EUR 1.51 billion in 2015.

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Storage and distribution for Eastern Europe is more economical from Vienna than from Prague or Budapest. Because shipping business between the individual reform nations is barely developed, whereas neary every Eastern destination is serviced from Vienna several times a week.

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