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Connected Mobility Hackathon: Motorcycle starts with one’s own voice

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150 participants at the hackathon tried out the function of starting a motorcycle with one's own voice via voice identification or additional services such as mobile payment for three days. KTM experts worked with the startup MyVoiceAI of London on specifying the tasks.

Other teams consisting of KTM employees and representatives of the Munich-based startup Viscopic worked on 3D instructions in which retailers can show how to finish assembling motorcycles via augmented reality as well as on virtual training programmes for mechanics. Emergency fire-fighting missions are always a challenge and a risk for the firefighters. The important thing in this case is that a turntable ladder vehicle can extend its supports on suitable, solid ground. Assistance systems with sensors and cameras can identify such spaces. The Berlin-based startup Gestalt Robotics worked with the fire-fighting equipment provider Rosenbauer to develop such a system, which relies on ten camera images instead of one thousand. The third hackathon of the Connected Mobility Initiative will take place in the Grand Garage of the Tabakfabrik Linz venue from November 5-7, 2019.

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