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Bosch invests in the future

Klaus Peter Fouquet © Robert Bosch AG/APA-Fotoservice/Schedl

The Bosch Group devoted more than EUR 125 million or nine percent of its revenue generated in Austria in research and development. According to Klaus Peter Fouquet, CEO of Robert Bosch AG in Austria, said that Bosch is investing in the future, as shown by its 140 new employees, especially in the field of research and development. Austria has positioned itself as an important development location within the Bosch Group. Bosch operates international competence centres in Vienna, Linz and Hallein for mobility technologies. Moreover, the developers in Vienna make valuable contributions within the Bosch Group to creating innovation solutions for connected mobility e.g. driverless parking. More than 1,000 employees in Austria focus on development activities. "We want to grow further in the field of development in 2019, and hire an additional 130 engineers", Fouquet emphasised.

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