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Investment for Innsbruck-based AI startup Swarm Analytics

Michael Bredehorn, CEO and co-founder © Swarm Analytics

The technology developed by Swarm Analytics enables the analysis of data from road safety cameras in real time. In this way, information can be permanently and comprehensively generated for smart cities. According to the startup, the images are immediately analysed and deleted so that there are no violations of people's privacy. The technology should serve as the basis for the development of traffic management systems with many different road users such as pedestrians, bicycles, e-scooters and automobiles.

Previous solutions are either very slow or costly, and thus only suitable for special cases. For the most part, images are streamed in a data centre. On the one hand, this means expensive transfer costs, and on the other hand, it leads to privacy problems. At the end of the process, expensive hardware is also required to be able to analyse no more than two images per second. "Our software runs up to ten times faster on minicomputers and enables problems to be solved which previously appeared to be unsolvable. We wanted to convert standard cameras into intelligent sensors and do so at a system price of under EUR 1,000. We have clearly achieved this target, a fact which our first customers from Denmark to southern Italy are very pleased with", says Michael Bredehorn, CEO and co-founder of Swarm Analytics.

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