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Publicly listed companies invest more in R&D

male researcher at micorscope © MedUni Vienna

The 30 publicly listed companies in Austria with the highest R&D expenditures have continuously and substantially increased their investments in research and development over the last five years. The top 30 in Austria invested a total of EUR 690 million in 2013. This figure already climbed to EUR 1.217 billion in the year 2018, or close to double the previous amount. According to a study conducted by Ernst & Young (EY), R&D expenditures rose by seven percent in 2018. ams AG led the ranking of the companies with the highest level of spending in R&D. The globally operating technology company invested EUR 239 million in innovations in 2018, comprising a year-on-year increase of twelve percent. voestalpine was second with EUR 152 million in R&D investments (up eight percent from the prior year), followed by S&T with EUR 123 million, a rise of about seven percent from 2017.

"The IT sector invests 12.7 percent or roughly every eighth euro in research and development. The widespread transformation driven by digitalisation is mainly perceptible in the field of information technology as well as in the industrial sector. For this reason, companies have to push ahead with innovations in order to be able to survive on the marketplace", says Gunther Reimoser, Country Managing Partner EY Austria.

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